to baby param, with love


baby param is the baby that even FIL carries; that MIL can’t get enough of…

and how exactly do they show their affection…

by calling him across the
room, affectionately, with the nickname they’ve chosen — head-louse.

tell me again, why couldnt they have chosen bubloo?


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  1. it must be the second kid syndrome. even the most offensive, inappropriate names become funny. and are meant to ooze affection. ask me, i have a lot of experience.

  2. Kodi’s Mom: It so totally is. have you posted about second-kid syndrome. pliss to send links, i want to read

    dipali and magic summer: baby param is in the creepy-crawly stage…so

    Nitya: What? girlfriend in 20 years? you mean fb is only 17 years away? *haalp i’m not ready*

  3. See, its all about how you spin it and sell it. Baby Param was the cutest head louse to ever have crawled the planet. Now how will you resist that for the scrapbook?

    @Kodi’s Mom: So true! I have only the choicest affectionate Mallu abuse for my little one..he brings out the best in me;-)

  4. Abha: the other nick they’ve chosen is ‘termite’. for his ability to ‘wear things and people out’

    MGM: hmmm, so the fun in the family begins with kid number 2? i wouldn’t know, i was an only child.

    Era: Facebook Qn. to baby param which creepy-crawly are you the most like?

  5. The FBquiz- am sure it already exists.

    the in-laws- fantastic! i call mine cutlet and i get disapproving looks from my in-laws.

    and only punjabis can say babloo and taploo- we have a copyright! not to infringe on our right to the world’s stupidest sounding names.

  6. sur: facebook’s quiz to sur’s little girl:

    what happens to your Mom when you are called cutlet?
    ~ she gets ketchup thrown on her dress, courtesy grandma
    ~ she gets another silly mum delurking on her blog
    ~ she has hunger pangs and wants to eat cutlets
    ~ the Rs.5,000 she charged as pop-psychology consultation fee, REALLY gets credited in her account

  7. MM: this is outrageous! get on your break. try and get the house dusty or something. absolutely no blogging till july-end !
    and no speaking to @sur either. i wont allow it.

  8. MM: Yes, yes the bongs win hands down. But wanted to be polite enough to poke fun of my brethren and not ‘the others’ 🙂 One of my closest bong friends is called kobi- meaning poet!!! no one can beat that for stupidity and pompousness! Yet i love him.

    beats hasty retreat before MiM deletes us for having side conversation on her brilliant post. and before the blogosphere descends on me for keeping MM away from her blog vacation!

  9. oh I didn’t do a separate post on it – but wrote a line abt the names older one has for him. whatever name rolls off his tongue and sounds hilarious is assigned to the brother.

    ps: word of advice: disable commenting for bloggers-on-break. (yes, MM that would be you. back away from the comp.)

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