rational, i can deal with.


my husband says :

~ eating potato sandwiches toasted in brown-bread for breakfast = a bad day at work

~ the reason for his three professional degrees = one lucky-blue-shirt for writing the exam

~ the (mis) fortunes of m.s.dhoni = depend on whether i accidentally obstruct the TV for a nanosecond


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  1. mr.MiM has company – i remember n.r.murthy (infy) once saying he wouldn’t watch the finals (india was playing) bcoz if he did it would certainly lose.
    they both might be right. how much of life is rational after all?

    and LOLing at blue shirt! i also had a lucky turquoise blue saree – mom’s actually.

  2. this is one time i’m not pointing at the funny gender and laughing, after all, i gave away a favourite saree after i heard, 3 times, of family members’ deaths when i was wearing it.

  3. chox: i dunno chox; my brand of irrational seems more acceptable than the husband’s.

    Bhu: i don’t think he was wearing blue — so does that make him lucky or not?

    Kiran: Pt. 3 is annoyingly universal. as revenge, i’m gonna bring up firstborn telling him that the ‘cooler’ tendulkar is really the playwright! hah!

    magical summer: when you say it somehow i have to believe you.

    d: *M-in-M puffs herself up to boiling point like her pressure pan* dont get me started D

  4. If no blue, he probably thought it was your exam! Seems like you had your lucky dress on! You’ve passed with two distinctions!

  5. I’ve convinced Hubby that if he stays home and watches the Miami Dolphins on TV, the team will lose. They tend to lose a lot anyway, but I had to find a way to get him off the couch. Cricket is something he has to watch online.

    His family never let his sister watch cricket with them because they felt India would lose. It’s all very amazing to me.

  6. Bhu! I may have two distinctions, but did i pass at all?

    Era: cricket online? i’d have to shut down this blog, then.

  7. My husband, now, will not drive ahead if a cat has crossed out path. And other weird things about not getting haircuts on some days etc. etc.
    I wonder why our premier educational institutions can’t get rid of all these funny ideas in otherwise reasonably rational people.

  8. perfectly rational and scientific.

    potato should be deep fried and kept away from breads coloured by good health. always.

    and you must hide the blue shirt now, or unknown powers will drag him to the next exam being conducted in the neighbourhood.

    so you were the reason dhoni and his men were disgraced- please do not move a nano millimetre next time the men in blue play.please.

    delurking to leave ridiculously long comment- thats the reason i generally lurk 🙂

  9. LOL. When you and Surabhi have finished with your witty repartees, please to let me know. I have to get up from the floor.

  10. dipali: NO ONE messes with my husband. he already holds the Mr. Irrational title in our flat. people scream and run away in terror when they hear he’s entering another Irrationality contest…

    Sur: *dabs a bit of turmeric on Sur’s brand new, hot off wordpress de-lurk* look at what living with the husband has done to me…

  11. I can’t get past the potato sandwiches! Mmm, yummy!

    Tell him not to insult the potato. An entire culture was half wiped out because of a potato famine. I feel VERY strongly about potatoes.

  12. ROFL at point three!

    And hubby has a dark blue shirt he swears is unlucky coz he wore it to his best friend’s engagement…and the girl later dumped his friend!

    AND he has a blue shirt that we call the bindi shirt, because we exchanged our first smooch when he was wearing it, and my intricate bindi got wiped off on it 😉 Got suspicious looks from Mom when I got back!

  13. Poppy: you say THE nicest things

    Abha: grrrrrrrrr!

    Meluhhan: I was in a rage myself. The potatoes were livid. I calmed the situation by pouring hot oil over the tuber. Only after a few well-placed bondas, did I feel like typing out this post…


  14. In love: where did it go? oh there. one appeared.
    wordpress needs to stand near the washing machine and think about its misdeed.

    btw, needs exercise is what the test said, right? so you’ll get back into your lucky outfit soon enough?

  15. Passed! Passing…days, months, years! You are asking someone who passed husband back to MIL conveniently!
    20+ comments endorsed … rational and normal! Where is the new post?

  16. in case you haven’t noticed i have changed my name for you (something i haven’t done even for for the husband).

    so i have given myself the right to demand a post. where it is?

  17. How do we know: you think so? what’s with all these people hounding me to put up a new post then.

    kbpm: the kenny-certified playwright?

    Bhu: yes, yes… coming up

    choxulu: the suffix is in appreciation of your teluguness, not my bull-dozing

  18. choxulu: *shock* you mean stamp-paper notarized and appeared in a leading daily kind of change? OMG OMG ! No one tells me ANYTHING

    MGM: *am standing in front of the comp. so mil cant read this bit*

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