the gatotgacha-laugh tag


dedicated to bhu. my friend (and personal cheerleader) who interviewed hundreds and hundreds of pre-schoolers during
her PhD…)

I interviewed just one puffed-up firstborn holding up the sanjeevani
mountain. And i’m looking already round if someone’s going to give me an award or something. How’d you do this over and over, bhu?

1. What is something I say to you?
FB: “FIRSTBORN! clean up.” (heh! heh! at least someone thinks i am a cleanaholic)

2. What makes me happy?When I’m happy, you are happy

3. How do I make you laugh?
when you laugh like ghatotgacha (excusez moi? i have this gentle tinkle of a smile..)

4. What do you think I was like when I was a child?

5. How old am I?
16 years old (OK. OK. MAYBE just a few more questions)

6.How tall am I?
a little tall

7.What is my favorite thing to do?make chappati. and a lot of food. and solids for baby param (god! just how often have i been going on about “starting solids”)

8.What am I really good at?reading books (awwwwwwwww!*he gets a gatotgacha-like hug* )

What is my job?
to get me ready for school. keep my tiffin box,water bottle. amma, is that my job? (yes! starting Monday!)

10. What is my favorite food?rasam rice (nopey. its payasam)

11. How are we both the same?our faces are the same

12. how are we both different
you are wearing a bindi and i am not. *picks up a bindi from the drawer* now we are the same, amma.

(this is an edited version of the tag– for all the questions head to kodi’s and boo’s)

and all ye mamas, go ahead and do this one…. and i do NOT laugh like gatotgacha


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  1. the ghatotgacha laugh must have got dhoni and his men off the field. tell the blue shirted husband. all laughter will be banned in your house.

    and the child putting on the bindi and saying we are the same amma – beautiful!

  2. What do you mean you don’t laugh like Ghatothkacha – not even for “kalyana samayal saadham”?

    16 huh….mutters about these underage moms around…


  3. Not everyone is as lucky as you to be called 16 by their first borns !!! (grrrrrr ….*no one thinks I am 16 … sigh !)
    Nonetheless, this tag is worth it … I am going to try it out with Cantaloupe πŸ˜€

  4. sur: forget the blue-shirted husband, even the MIL is cricket-mad. there’s so much combined ‘rationality’ in the air that you can cut it with a bread knife and put it in the potato sandwich.

    Kodi’s Mom/abha: yes but 16 is practically a fossil from his p.o.v

    choxulu: set up the damn skittles woman!

    VJ: πŸ™‚

    MGM: make him draw out certain answers :shld be fun:-)

    D: πŸ™‚

    M: underage moms and grandfatherly kids.

    mystic: spoken like an MBA. tell me. did you or did you not write the CAT?

    dotmom: whaddya mean chores?

    CA: do it. it’s fun

    dipali: at least, try it with the youngest

  5. Thank you so much for the honour and love…Sorry for being the last to see though. Lost in transit! Now@Chennai for a week

  6. Probably this interview your personal and professional best. Should have appeared in the “Meet this person column”. FB is super-obsevant+adores you!

  7. Mysitc: well you have an MBA’s brain then.

    Era: feel free to edit. it’s your i-gave-birthright.`

    bhu: live it up. much love.

  8. Everybody always says everything before i get to the comment space.

    16 – check
    ghatotgacha – check

    Totally cute.

  9. sole: and you’ve left me wondering…….aaaaaaaaaaaargh!

    Poppy: never mind. rajini always said late = latest.

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