firstborn’s first pun


“ma, are gums called gums because our teeth are stuck to them?”

definitely my dna.

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  1. LMAO!!!! Good lad, FB.

    BTW, when will you stop your “this is not a photo-shoto blog” crap and show us the FB in all his hanuman, gummy glory?:-)

    Not to mention Baby Param and his impish ways?

  2. sur: and everyone goes *groan*

    In love: I’d be ma in malaysia

    choxulu, kenny, dipali, sands, chumi, ceekay, : you guys have high ‘pun’ishment tolerance.

    MGM: i would, but since you guys seem to like these puns, keying it in is taking all my time.

    D: mother. mother. am not all that big on sharing.

    VJ: logical you say. not my dna.

    sole: i was trying to see if he was into knock knock jokes yet?

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