four awesome reasons…


when mgm tagged me for this one, I had tag-block,blog-block and the *splutter, splutter, develop high bp* feeling.

And still, i persevered to present to you one-half of the ossum-possum tag

I am an awesome-person because…

~ of my ‘love for total chaos’: take this room: there is only disorder, disarray and a third-world epidemic behind that laundry basket. and still i can function. feel. flourish.

~ of ‘my cheerleaders’. i keep finding ’em. and they love me back. every time i’m scratching my head and going d-uh, i soon find that i’m best-friends with the expert– breastfeeding advice, child-rearing, vada-making, planting a seed…

~ of “the in-laws on my side”: . I can stay in the same small room with 3 sisters-in-law, 1 b-in-law, and their 2+2+2+1 offspring. ( Once, I let them babysit while I updated this blog πŸ™‚
btw, The parents in-law too are on my side. I only have to shout down my mum.

“that I tried to learn to cook”: when i started i was the opposite of a foodie. i hated sambar because it was brown. dal was so dull. and if the pachadi touched the rice, i went eyuuuuuuuuuu.
and my lentil dyslexia wasn’t helping either.
and now look at the gastronomical leap in tam-cooking i’ve made.
I’ve made batter for a 100 idlis. cooked for a table of 16. and can make rasam with my little finger having both eyes shut.

Now, I tag my fav. awesome mum Nitya,
awesomely-practical Starry-Eyed,
awesomely chamathu Sole,
awesomely on hartal Stray Gray,
awesomely cheery Abha and
and awesomely recently-aerodynamic Sur
awesomely awesomelu chox
awesome Pinang’s awesome little girl chumi


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  1. dipali: lol@rest of awesomeness.

    and rest of awesomeness is resting πŸ™‚ may surface in another 31 years…

  2. mim, you did only 4.
    let me add one:
    You r awesome because
    – you come up with these awesome ‘mini-posts’ that just make our day πŸ™‚

    come on all ye other readers.. please add to the list. we must tell this unbeliever how awesome she is!

  3. tag? wats a tag? i dont know wat a tag is?

    okay, that didnt sound very convincing even to myself! but might do it in quarterly installments! πŸ˜›

  4. will have to stand in front of wordjunkie’s mirror and look real hard to spot a dash of awesomeness!

    and you make a mean rasam with your little finger? if i was in malaysia i’d be your slave! i am a rasam loving punjabi!!!

  5. And you tell meI touched the tip of the iceberg? no no. This will not be accepted!

    5. Unbridles passion for payasam?
    6. Excellent grip of Tam serial twisty, turny plots.
    7. Goddamn sunhine spreading blogger who makes *everyone smile*.
    8. Vada aspirations?LOL

    We love you, ossum possum!

  6. hey you,

    read everything from now until the last post I read some months back.

    hee hee hee.

    all the other people here think I am crazy for sudden snickers and giggles.

  7. awesomely chamathu…ya rite! Going to be the hardest ever..the opposite would have been so much easier! May be I should rename the tag..what say πŸ˜‰

  8. Only your little finger? no other ingredients? awesome!
    what, no mention of yr awesome ability to find humour in the tiniest of everyday details?
    Also deadly vada-throwing skills (ducking as I type)

    Surabhi: you need no mirror, you make magic with a camera.

  9. abha: it shld be easy. ask your friends.

    chumi: kickass tag. i lub your confidence.

    In love: that’s what i liked abt this. asking around:-)

    sur: if you stood infront of wordjunkie’s mirror it would concave your awesomeness .
    not immodest or anything, but i am rasam queen.

    MGM: *drinks deeply and noisily from a platterful of rasam* your comment felt just as good:-)

    chox: not naalagu, entu

    dottie: coming from you, am totally honoured:-)

    socio: missed you much. and why havent you started your own blog YET?

    era: *puts down rasam platter to make a low bow erawards*

    sole: nope. must do it. as is.

    wj: no one’s letting me finish this rasam. *low bow junkiewards as well* πŸ™‚

  10. Sociologist on the loose? I like- ps can the blog begin!

    ok MiM, i transgress blogger etiquette, can you tell me which discipline you are from? I have been hazarding a guess, but want confirmation.

  11. and btw adding to your list of awsomeness:
    making me snort like a cooker and crack up like the poor corn kernels in the cooker- EACH and EVERY TIME i hop across to your blog.

    good therapy for my airborne self who crashlanded real bad.

  12. sur: *thumps down rasam platter and wipes mouth with back of hand*

    oooh! am lurrving the piqued curiosity. i allow you three guesses.
    (ps.the sociologist on the loose is really that — a sociologist on the loose:-)
    and am whistling like a cooker drunk on rasam.thanks:-)

  13. Three guesses? Oh damn- now i publicly get to make an ass of myself.

    And one small technical question from penjabi- I like my rasam clear- but something wrong that i do in the cooker- the dal gets overcooked and makes the rasam muddy. Help. Ofcourse no such prob with tomato rasam- see the penjabi showing off πŸ™‚

    a) anthropology
    b) eng lit
    c)tamizh cooking for 100 guests

  14. the answer is d) neither.

    dal needs to be mixed with water with an egg-beateresque intrument to form four strata — clear,
    and dreg-dal —
    this gets poured on to the boiling pre-rasam liquid, to turn into rasam.

    *and the correct answer is in your email*:-)

  15. ROTFL at ‘lentil dyslexia’. And ‘gastronomical leap’.

    You are awesome becoz you have a hilarious way with words:)

    You have also put me in an awesome fix…AND you cheated…do the rest of the post QUICK! Need to ROTFL some more.

  16. chox: entu, the original tag demands entu, ma.

    starry-eyed: thanks! am stilll collecting data. my friends are SO NOT helping:-)

    chox: do entu

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