What do you call…


…rossogollas that turn out like white flattish dhurries instead?

i think point number four needs to be struck off the list


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  1. Tell me your recipe, MiM.
    Of course, the dhurrie like rossogulla is also known as early unsuccessful attempt. If you ask me niecely, I will blog about the one and only gulabjamun barfi that I once made:)

  2. dipali:

    may i recollect an earlier even more unsuccessful attempt — when rossogollas were laddu-like in hardness and chalk-like in flavour *i know coz i have chewed on chalk when i was sanah’s age — erm… older than sur, that is*

    this time, i placed the pre-ross. balls in a sugary watery bed in the rice cooker. did i err?


  3. Tell me your recipe from scratch.
    I’ve made decent rossogullas in a pressure cooker, without the vent weight. You may have squeezed out too much moisture from the paneer.

  4. Pour condensed milk on em and serve as Spanish malpuas 🙂

    I don’t even go this close to anything rasgollas. Too complicated. So, *Bows, kisses ring*

  5. I don’t like sweet stuff in general, including chocolates, but rasgollas, I do! Maybe my Bengaliness peeping out of a crack somewhere!

    I have made rasogollas from scratch and they came out ok. I follow this recipe more or less -http://www.manjulaskitchen.com/2007/11/22/bengali-rasgulla/. Instead of the pressure cooker, I usually make them in an open pan, covering it occasionally. 🙂

  6. @dottie: bet nothing can be complicated for someone who baked cakes in a solar cooker when she was 3 ft tall.

  7. A tag if you’d like to take it up!

    I know…don’t say it…I’m still chewing on mine, but this one is not that hard you know 🙂

  8. MGM: four litres of milk went phut, phut, phut. ergo paneer. ergo ross.

    sur: dhurries like shyam ahuja. oui. all cookers can cook, non?

    In love: may i add, ‘accurate zeroing in on problems’ to your awesomeness.

    starry-eyed: sometimes, ai think my blog is one step away from slapstick. what with vada-throwing and book boinking and skipping with poppy

    blue mist: hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it when someone delurks an. it makes my day. thank you.:-) *offers neodelurker a dhurrie-ross*

    dipali: my billion ross. qn. to you… why did the rice cooker flatten my rossos’? does a p. cooker make all the difference?

    chox: you are telling me! i always thought they came out of a haldiram tin.

    sole: perfectionists and me can never meet. i’ll have to pass you some through a small hole in the door, or something

    wj: beware of the attack of the sweet-as-death dhurrie-ross. you still on the diet, right?

    dottie: you are always a google search ahead of me. i had to wiki malpua. the things you know…
    *bows. kisses hem of robe*

    mystic: thank you!! ! am curious. as a bengali, would you be offended if the ross was any shape other than round?

    sole: i used to be tag-o-phobe. how tough is this one?

    sur: yay! *rolls out a dhurrie for sur to sit*

    sraikh: what? you too?

    In love: so you can be nagged, eh?*must tell TB*

  9. It wasn’t me, I swear! I checked and your comment isn’t there…must be the Blogger Black Hole that swallows comment-forms…ask Nitya’s Arjun, he’s the expert:)))

    Wanna try again? 🙂 *looks hopeful*

  10. MiM: What is the diameter of the rice cooker and how many rossogullas did you put into it? And were they perfectly spherical balls when you put them in? They need a large enough space to expand in. If they are soft and spongy, it doesn’t really matter. So, were the dhurries yummy or not?

  11. starry: i did again. the error msg says i cant login because i dont own this wordpress identity. …

    dipali: they did have room. four a piece. yummilicious, slurpilious, droolicious, but entirely shapeless.

  12. MiM, thanks for that detail, finally I got it. It’s the insiduous Blogger-WP war! I think you have to log out of your WP blog, and then access my url (try copy-pasting it)…then Blogger won’t know you’re a WP-blogee and will graciously allow you to comment:) Ridiculous, I know!

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