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knock knock


I’ve loved knock knock jokes
I’m here to torture you folks .
my chemistry teacher stunned me with her two…
and I stunned her back with a XII score of 92
the jokes aren’t mine; they are hers; so no flying egg yolks


knock knock
who’s there?
alok who?
a lok sabha member

knock knock
who’s there?
gokul who?
go cool your head in cold water…


roald dahl the poet


I like his poems far far better than his stories..

Mary, Mary quite contrary
How does your garden grow?
I live with a brat in a high rise flat,
So how in the world would I know?

this is one’s on TV that calls it a “ridiculous machine, that’s nauseating, foul and unclean,”

I like his knock, knock jokes far, far better than his poems…

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Nicholas who?
Nicholas girls should not climb trees!


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the 50 year code.


tharini’s comment in the last post got me thinking…

i quizzed the mil.

and apparently, yes.

there IS a code:

when fil says “enough”: it means serve me one more dosa.

when he says “ENOUGH” it means: may be just one teeny last dosa.

only when he says “ENOUGH“does it mean he’s done.