the five best things…


about the man married to the maid in malaysia henceforth MMMiM for short.

(tagee sole, yes, you can get off my case now)

this is the man who’s annoyingly logical but can watch a magic show even after firstborn has wandered away,bored;
this is the man who organised, co-ordinated and conducted a 3d2N tour for about 60 senior citizens in his colony *from the seriously-i-told-you-so types to the anciently-bedpan*

presenting to you….MMMiM

the man who takes the kiddies off my hand: our own and everyone else’s. once he arrives on the scene, it’s like mickey mouse turned up… all the two, three and four-footers rush to adoringly hang onto his shoelaces. and i am free. bliss.

s.o.s man: so i locked myself out of my home in chennai. and all the local locksmith shops i ran to, had left for the day.
so i called the MMMiM, who was actually in Malaysia then. and he called his colleague, who called a locksmith. who arrived at the doorstep. in a trice.
*let us not dwell on my sheepish explanations, shall we*

park man: *stops to bite into humble pie before keying in the rest*
this is the guy who got his licence after i did. and has been driving far
fewer years than i have.
i might take us to the destination, but only after he parks, do we arrive.

pack-man: i am really the hunter-gatherer in this relationship. i have no clue how seventeen flower vases and thirty-three pieces of fragile china are going to get to chennai from malaysia.

in one other instance, i once even opened our suitcase in full-public view in a train, without hiding my face with a towel in embarrassment.
*and the best part is our families thinks it’s me who’s packed*

he can do the smallest things with the greatest love: like a zero-crease bed for baby param with fresh sheets; like hot water for coughy-coughy me at 3.30 a,m, ; like remembering to take along a low stool for gramps to climb on to an innova.

i cant wait to pass on this tag (list of five best things the husband has done for you) to



stray gray




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  1. such a niece man, that multiple M! so what does humble pie taste like?

    Your man packs? Neatly? Isn’t it dangerous to reveal such things to crazed wimmin like me who dream of such things?

  2. MMMiMis a real short name!

    And can he write a “how to…”book for all husbands?
    I’ll place my order now, and will show the green bucks up front. i think you are married to a potential bestseller writer…

  3. definetely not judwa then. sigh.
    on our side of the world, hero packed enthusiastically for the honeymoon where he forgot all the woolens and had to wear my open sweater with nice beaded thigummies and things ( it was too early in the shaadi, else would have taken snaps and blackmailed him for life) and other very essential clothes. since then, guess who does the packing.

    also i second chumi, you reckon he will take tutions? will pack off this hero to him then.

  4. dipali: he sounds terrific? let me quickly do the other thing that no one tagged me to do — one hundred and five illogical things about the husband.

    starry: humble pie tastes like the bisibele bath i once made (no salt , rather watery and with all the veggies that i didnt like in the first place)

    richa/ sur/chumi/cynic: are you guys really sure: click here

    and cynic: how could you forget this…

  5. A lovely refreshing tag that I imagien every spouse must take every now and then. If not to force us to see why we remain married, but to rekindle the reason behind why we remain married. 🙂

    Maybe I will do it after all?

  6. W…O…W….”like a zero-crease bed for baby param with fresh sheets; “ there are men, who get it perfect!!!!

    that is so sweet. Thanks MiM for doing the tag 🙂

  7. waah! is he for real?! i’ll tick the first one for mine too…but anything beyond that…the less said the better 🙂

  8. dipali: wait till i read your tag

    rads: o wowie. a tag volunteer! one who doesnt have to be led to the computer, screaming and thrashing… unique!

    sole: i hate to exaggerate, but i couldn’t find a crease even if i had to hunt for one. * and i actually did*

    chumi: clever girl;-)

    preeti/SS: wait for the other spectacular tag — 10001 ways to get grocery shopping wrong by MMMiM

  9. MiM, I’m eagerly awaiting the other two posts from you “one hundred and five illogical things about the husband.” & “10001 ways to get grocery “

  10. In love: yes. am holding on to that rice noodle you mentioned while you click on refresh!

    richa: these are both edited versions, mind!

    dipali: the fun of telling the venerable to re-work. capital capital capital!

  11. OJ: hey! yes — ‘significant other’ would be appropriate. i agree. you comment in this space. you are tagged.

  12. Aww. Am glad sole picked up this tag and passed it to you. I couldn’t stop laughing at how he forgot to drop Firstborn off (your linked post), to truly appreciate though. 😀

  13. 😀

    the man with many Ms sounds very cool indeed! and point no 1, totally my M too! i mean he never manages adult conversation at a party which has kids! 😀


  14. Poppy: so you are the originator of that tag? and YOU ask me where I get my ideas from?

    Abha: lol!:-)

    dipali: the SRE passes with distinction!

    chox: no dont get canniballed. we need you for the homeschool.

    chumi: wassup? wassup?

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