What? yet another morning rant? how many of these does MiM have? *is that what you are thinking?*


bright, brisk, bubbly and bouyant…
my secondborn who doesnt need to catch a schoolvan at 8

dawdle, dream, delay, drag…
my firstborn who does


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  1. Rant all you want…I’m joining in! You just described my two. Dhruv is ready and raring to go an hour before time. Dawdling Divya..well, talk about alliteration!

  2. Such is life isn’t…all the time…when you don’t need it, you’ll have ample 🙂 and when you really need it, he lets you figure it out!

  3. LOL. Such is life babe.

    I am greeted by little half chewed gooey palms, drool all over my face, and an eager wide grin just centimeters away … every morning. The 8 month old baby takes it as his solemn duty to wake up mommy early morning all eager and bright eyed.

  4. It’ll only get worse as they get older. And when they’re in grad school, they’ll wake up at the crack of nooon like everyone I know. 😉

  5. sraikh: i shld have added dabble

    Heavy homework has helped me hasten having my two homeschooled by you.phew!

    dipali: he does. *sigh*

    starry: dawdling divya delayed her dad. “Darling! dont decelerate,” he said. howzzat?

    sole: touche

    SS: at least you spared me a thought *hugs*

    CeeKay: ok erm. you can have this one. but tomorrow’s one is mine!

    In love/ richa: my 10 month old does that *sob* so when do i sleep in??

    Abha: hey ! i cant comment on your awesome post. blogger isnt recognising my id. and you are an awesome side-dancer for your son …

    kenny: we are left with only one option — chox’s homeschool

    Meluhhan:lol! crack of noon sounds amazzzzzzzzzzzzzing

  6. how about when they get up early in the weekend to watch uninterrupted TV till mom and dad get their act together ? That would be my home 🙂

  7. sands: i see you are into science fiction or is that a fairy tale… hmmm

    chox: *wears this divine sraikh-ish look*

  8. Era: you are pulling a fast one. they all look like well-behaved, unnaughty angels, your girls and boy. whatcha complainin abt?

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