earnest is…


baby param. on being asked to point to the light. he lifts his tiny forefinger like a cricket umpire. and looks up. and he points up, up, up. and keels over and topples. and hits the back of his head.

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  1. and when they try to nibble at their toes, they keel over!

    bless his earnestness and please pad his head/your floor/everything in sight.

    in my head, i lived in a padded cell in those early years.

  2. starry: hug when he’s straightened up or furry-ball like?

    choxulu: your positive nature and your homeschool — two reasons why you shld permanently wear that basket on your head. I am SO not sharing.

    dipali: yenga tamizh, iniya tamizh

    sur: and when did they finally let you go… ? erm the question is actually: why did they let you go?

    SS/ Ron/ cynic/ Indyeah/ Abha/ : baby param is actually a chumbawamba fan.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09Gb5aofCgY

    richa: he would chew his toe, only if he could get his mind away from the bathroom mat.

    OJ/ Sands: that wld be grandma’s dept. calling the floor ten rude names , in the bargain

  3. πŸ™‚
    they did not let me go, i have pinned up little pictures on the padded walls. its home sweet home now….

    and good cure for tasty chewable bathroom mats- grate some carrots and sprinkle, break up some chappati onto it, and a dash of curd would make it ultra nutritious and will make the child abhorr it for life.

  4. sur: you are still there… ahh! somehow the mind is at rest when one read’s that.
    carrot dressing on the bathroom mat — coming right up.

  5. i have been spotted running free and wild outside my padded cell- beware MiM- the streets of KL are not too far, she said with a deranged glint in the eye.

  6. sur: i tried escaping from my padded cell once and it didnt quite work — baby param chewed my slippers so cldnt really leg it.
    tough, sur. you’ll have to traumatise others ma’s here in KL. i am fully booked

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