the mil is disappointed


she takes a photo for the first time.

“I know what to do — i must crinkle one eye and scrunch one side of my mouth northwards,”she says. After she’s finished those complicated facial calisthenics, I tell her to click.

“what do you mean, just click??? It cant be so simple.”

yep. just call me the ideals-shredder machine.


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  1. and MiM does not disappoint her loyal readers!
    i leave with another roll on the floor, body calisthenics done for the day, i can work.

  2. sraikh: ๐Ÿ™‚ you do know that chox calls you god! what are your comments?

    kenny: not in my house. coz it just cant get dirtier.

  3. ๐Ÿ˜€

    how do you it every single time? HOW?!

    and yeah i remember at being terribly happy when digicams along because with glasses in the way even scrunching and looking through that tiny viewfinder was a pain! those days! :p


  4. yeah and now even before the ‘ck’ of the click is heard the child will pipe up ‘can i see it?!’
    it really cant be so simple – we used to have to wait like forever till the damned roll got over and went to the studio to get developed.

    *doing all this talking while rolling on the floor with many many peoples*

  5. abha: digital is certainly user-friendly. baby param is keen to try a hand.

    richa: mopping floor is not a high-freq activity, chez moi, in any case. *so I need all the help i can*

    preeti: *hugs* i was thinking of reincarnating in twitteravatar. No?

    dipali: she clicked most of fb’s hand. at least he’s not as slippery as baby param.

    chox: Qn for you: i used to be the ideal-shredder machine in my working days… and now i am the ideals shredder. am i a tachyon?

    chumi: whatever happened to good ol loling?

  6. my floor currently has:
    1. AAB Mixture (thats Adyar Ananda Bhavan of course).
    2. Murukku
    3. Pieces of hula-hoop – yellow & red in colour
    4. Cake
    5. Bucket from beach set
    Rolling, nevertheless.

  7. sands: :-))

    M: am almost half there — ‘twit’ter.

    kenny: what? aab?? when grand-sweets is a sneeze away??? un-bhesh un-bhesh

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