ditty days


the ILs have ditties in Tamil for every non-occasion and occasion. All of which I have never heard before.

some are alliterative. some are li’l rhymes for baby param; some are toilet humour,
but all of it lose something in translation (pardon me)

baby param is swung on two feet to this one:

Don’t climb on the coconut tree
Don’t pluck the coconuts
Don’t climb on the mango tree
Don’t pluck the mangoes.
you’ll fall in the river
You’ll fall in the lake
You’ll fall in the swamp
You’ll fall in the gutter…

this one’s for indecisive people :

She changes her mind 30 times within the time it takes her to pee.
this one’s while wiping a mess:

when it stinks, you can always smell it in three places.

a simile to describe an awry hair-parting:

like a chappie with a crooked mouth let out a yawn.

and finally, the husband gives me a lot of this:…

While my house is on fire, you’re asking for a match to light up your beedi.

translated for all those tamizh-types… don’t bring down the hatchet if my translation wasn’t parisutham!

thatha’s rhyme for baby param:
thenna marathile yeraadhey
thengaya porikkadhey
maa marathile yeraadhey
maangaye porikkadhey…
aathula vizhariya
sethula vizhariya
kuttai la vizharriya
kumbila vizhariya

moothram peyarthukkulla muppadhu etc etc…
Mondhavanukku moonu yedam.
Konavaayen kottavi vitaa play

veedu paththi yeriyache, beedikku neruppu ketkiraaya???


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  1. Love the husbands,
    My daddi has a bunch of them in bhojpuri as well. Infact the beedi wala sounds familiar.
    Now could the same sayings exist in Bhojpuri and Tamil?

    And if this comment dissappears,thats it. I am not leaving another comment EVER

  2. LOL. 1 and 5 were easy peesy..still haven’t managed to translate the rest, I am sure its not going to sound like the original version even if I attempt, may be you should do the tamil version in brackets!

  3. i don’t get them, and wont get them in tamil, but i liked the last one 🙂 i’ll give it to my husband!

  4. D: since you like em so much i shld present you with one more:
    “the back of your head looks like a bird’s nest.”

    SS: it’s perfect for baby param’s lil gym on grandpa’s feet.

    sraikh: what? disappearing comments? by sraikh? this is too much! WORDPRESS! WORDPRESS COME HERE THIS INSTANT!

    kbpm: ganesh, of course.
    which one do you former musers light up?

    choxulu: hindi. sadly husband understanding of the language is “F” marked in red.

    Blue Mist: What no ganeshbeedis in spain? and you call it a developed country? pah!

    starry: and get a singeing look from him. no thanks.

    Nitya: you should be well-stocked with some of your ma’s… bring em on.

    Sri: done. and hello!

    Sands: have put up the tam version… in the update

    Mallika: hi! do share the spoils with us…

    Era: oh well … there are some even more terrible ones on erm windbreaking, which we will not go into…

    sole: 234 done. and you havent given me your oldmcdonald…?

    subhashree: 1 is easy no? done anways.

    dipali: yep. preserved. here. on. this. blog.

    preeti: scorch him with that one…

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