moong dal halwa


is THE mmmmmmmmmindblowing dessert in the whole wide world and nobody told me until two months ago. how much must i eat to start catching up?
*keeping in mind diabetes, cavities and death by ghee*


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  1. Of all the Halwas, it has to be the moong dal variety? Interesting – very specific taste. Enjoy your catch up sessions but don’t over do it. *thinks to myself ‘this is an interesting development- I must stay tuned’*

  2. Blue Mist: no beedis first and here you say your heart doesnt leap at the sight of MDH … what has portugal done to you?

    dipali: well, this neighbour of mine is converting me. haaaaaaaalp!

    Era: the worst bit is this: it takes one hour of continuous stirring —

    Nitya: see i cant be picky. whatever the neighbour makes i eat:-))

    Nino’s Mum: SO good to see ya:-)…thank you…

    Richa: it’s a pic on a twincycle in pinang. it’s really tough riding these things.

    chox: i see the’ben’ in you has awakened … a true connoisseur’s dish that one.

    vJ: it’s great except for all the work in front of the stove.

    preeti: another connoisseur then? tell me places in india to buy, and I’ll buy by the truckload.

  3. choxulu: even without tindi you are the epitome of n.i.

    blue mist: streamlining eating habits. gawsh. scariest three words strung together.

    kbpm: when i check my dna strain: i seem to have skipped a generation for talent, looks, lang. learning, cycling proficiency, raga-identification, swimming…

    and helped my self even to the spouse’s side for ‘sweet tooth’

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