for knife-like creases


how come kenny’s dad didn’t hear of my grandma’ method for ironing clothes?

1. fold, sit pretty on em. = ironing

2. stick em under the sofa and invite unsuspecting guests to sit pretty on em = dry clean

3. wash, fold neatly, put under mattress and roll feverishly overnight — not unlike Psmith = bandbox level of clean and neat

*my ma believed that i had to iron all my school uniforms, so i slyly passed em to grandma, who erm ‘ironed’ em for me…*


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  1. this was my maternal grandfather’s technique too (not the dry clean part). my dad was suitably appalled even in the heady days just post-marriage.

  2. OMG my mom does that!! I just fold them like they have been ironed when they are still warm from the dryer heat šŸ˜‰

  3. starry: well, you’ll get to rest your feet for a good half an hour, and not feel guilty too — you were busy ironing:-)

    Era: grandma is amazing. I did the pregnancy tag on her…

    cynic: hmmm. very widely practiced technique then. these istriwalas are going to come after us with a hot iron, if they hear that we are responsible for the slump in the business

    kenny: howcome you haven’t inherited the maternal gf’s gift for choosing the easy-peasy way out?

    Nitya: this is the grandma who had five kids… when she went to the US first 25 years ago, she saw the microwave as a potential idli cooker. she’s into inventions, that one.

    sands: šŸ˜‰ neat idea that.

    sole: your dad has multiple talents, that man! first he knows the only Tam. version of OldMcDon and next he weilds a mean iron. whatadad!

    VJ: so it’s widely practiced. go forth and convert those ironers. y’all

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