tell me which one of you was raving…


about the MMMiM’s qualities?

The MMMiM is in Mumbai this week for work. He’s staying at the guesthouse in Powai — Hopping across to work after eating breakfast. returning for dinner. sleeping. *and hopefully getting his clothes washed there, as well*

Only today did he figure out that he’s been staying in some other company’s guesthouse all this while…

(yes, now which one of you wanted to send your spouses over for a crash course??? )


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  1. ha ha, that was hilarious…may be he should add the address/ map of his destination to his meticulous packing!

    But I have to agree with richa above, it was no mean feat doing what he did!

  2. there is a bestseller here somewhere- maybe not a training guide for spouses, but definitely all about survival against all odds.

  3. he should try to crack the guesthouse in my campus next. its right near where he is. and they are really screwy to me so it will serve them right if MMMiM shows them a few tricks from Malay.

  4. poppy: he even smsed the telephone number to me. (!)

    richa: i think now is the time to tell you how he walked into a glass door and broke his nose… a few months ago

    d: i told you he was awesome!

    wondergirl. hi there delurker!

    cynic: there is a caretaker. yes. *in the caretaker’s defence, must tell you that the MMMiM trooped in way past midnight on a rainy night*

    starry: oh well, that’s another way of looking at it.


    Sole: if it were me, we would be stuck in a different continent! am not good at these things.

    Sri: πŸ™‚

    Nitya: pliss ask arjun to direct him towards the airport. he only listens when little people talk.

    sands: it’s a mob of men like this ! gawsh!

    sraikh: no he doesnt.

    VJ: i told you he was awesome(!)

    sur: like i told poppy, the MMMiM recently very quickly walked into a glass door like the gautier furniture ad and has a broken nose . *i dont think he’s all that much into survival skills either*


  5. ! This post is really funny! .. i mean reallllllllly funny! Trust a guy to add a bit of humour in our otherwise mundane life! πŸ™‚ bookmarking ur site.

  6. sur: you seem convinced. i am still wondering.

    WJ: sadly. the MMMiM didnt give in his clothes for washing. I spoke too soon:-( dirty laundry is omnipresent.

    Nino’s Mum: the MMMiM was suitable sheepish. insert wicked laugh of one who asked the man to repeat the incident seven times* and in defence of the caretaker: it was adark and stormy night…


    bluemist/Shruti: πŸ™‚

    Era: that he did.

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