you know you are growing old when…


…the clown at a party asks the kiddies to rush and find a white hair, and the kiddies are clamouring at your feet, rather than going after the grandmas on the scene


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  1. Lol, that was a good one!
    My kids think I am a fuddy duddy and the other moms are super cool! Infact my older one has banned me from going to her school if I am wearing salwar kameez as she thinks I look very old in them!

  2. kiddies rush to mum for everything they need, don’t they…so was natural for them to rush to mum then too…so relax and sleep peacefully MiM ;-).

  3. Shooo….
    Note to self – please have parlour visit pre booked and have nicely colored hair before you go to kid’s birthday party.

    Second note – or as soon as you see kid approaching you seeing your gray hair; point them to grand ma !! 😛

    mean me ..I know !! 😉

  4. LOL!
    hey, maybe they just wanted you to pick em up and take them to grandma.

    or they got so bored with the clown that they turned to you for rescue .

  5. i remember running to my aunt even after she coloured her hair black!! LOL .. just stay invisible during the white hair search game… ahahha

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