somedays i want to shut down this blog,


…and race breathlessly behind that shiny, snot-free career bus, that I climbed off …

today is not that day. Happy four! firstborn!


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  1. starry: after that clown episode?? party??? you kidding me, right?!
    we just took a cake to school and the highlight was that one kiddo ate a sticker (from inside the goody bag) instead of the choc.

    sur: thanks for the second wish ! *hugs*

  2. Happy birthday dear firstborn.
    Have a blast.
    Have a great time too, MiM.
    Hoping, of course, that these wishes to mother and son are not mutually contradictory!

  3. dipali: the attacker of the fan and light rakshasha is panning his arrow dipali-wards. now look who’s having a blast.*insert evil laugh*

  4. Happy birthday to firstborn!

    And me too was under the impression that he was closer to 6 🙂

    Anyway, wishing a great year for the hanuman fan, and the cleanaholic mom!

  5. mft: firstborn is 4. four going on to 2 actually.

    on the other hand 6, which wordjunkie said, is apparently a zen-ish age and it looks very far away from here. 🙂

  6. Bhu: yes i am really full of myself:-)

    chox: maid isn’t short for maiden; it’s short for housemaid

    Nitya: sad, that we didnt make vadas at this party. if not…

    Bluemist: clowns? when my family has me? no chance.

  7. 😀

    Happy Birthday to the FB!

    and hey no career can be more fun than this blog! 😉 you make my dreary days at work bearable!! 🙂


  8. Abha: and your kindness made my dreary day at home bearable

    shruti/chumi: thanks:-)

    upsi: love utbt! actually that’s LOVE utbt

    chox: *coming right up — pic of sore hands, and eyebrows that havent been trimmed in six months*

    sands: thanks for the reassurance. i miss my workplace — also may be because i enjoyed what i was doing.

    richa: *fb bearhugs in return* he like goosh:-)

    tharini: welcome! awesome blog you have…*v.cute kids too*

    sole: lol! ok.

    vj: moong dal payasam, twas…:-) *slurp, slurp*

  9. aha! the champion basher of the mean and monstorous! happy fourth to you first born, and many, many, happy, healthy and humorous more to you!
    also, m-in-m – happy fourth to you!

  10. kenny! maid-lu! no way! chox would kill! maid-lah mebbe — since i am in KL

    preeti: *hug*

    Nino’s Mum: happy fourth to me — how beautifully put, Nino’s Mum. these four years went in a swish…

    Upsi: oooooooopsie! a thousand apologies. put it down to confused post-birthdaybashness. you are the occasional food-blogger with the idiyappam pic.? correct aa?

  11. Happy Birthday to the little one, though am late! 🙂 4’s a lovely age, as was 3 and so will 5, but for now, 4’s cute!

    regd shutting blog down, that doesnt happen coz ure getting off of career buses, it happens when the stop for your next new fascination happens. No?

  12. rads: i think shutting down off the blog will happen when i go tweet-wards.
    thanks. four is nice and even. and hopefully hassle-free

    wj: nanri

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