random curious thought 24


which of these is the more frequently used phrase between a couple married for 50 years or more?

pass the sambar


pass the remote


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  1. Neither! B’coz wife of 50 yrs instinctively serves him more sambhar, and husband of 50 yrs will not risk his life taking remote from wife-in-charge of what everybody watches!

  2. together for 20 years, married for ten:
    both of us sprout claws as we gently reach for the remote- no words needed. after motherhood i sprout claws and bare my fangs – works each time. no words ever needed!!!
    my sambar is often not very good- but my kaali daal is good-so daal is ladled onto plate energetically.

    lets see where we reach in thirty years…

  3. LOL at the post.
    And at all the comments!

    and now my daily dose of MiM humour taken, I’ll dive back into that snot-free-career-bus that I want to jump off every single day.

  4. Lol! After 50 years, will you even utter a few civil words to each other?

    After 8+ years, I can count on my fingers, the number of words spoken to each other. TV = sports channel; not my domain. Sambar = his own making 🙂

  5. Pass the remote.

    I’m sure. After 50 years of marriage, you’re sure to either have a BP or a heart problem and whatever food you want to be passed will be refused for some or the other reason.

  6. LOL ! I love ur random thoughts.. after 10 years of togetherness and 4 of marriage.. its come to pass the remote.. n if remote doesn’t get passed the sambar might just land on some1s head 1 day.. 50 years of marriage! phew! i just hope we last that long! Got me thinking though.. 🙂

  7. But on other note Amen to them ..50 years of togetherness is just just awesome !! Lucky they are…old age is nothing bearable if you don’t have partner with you !!

  8. ROFL @ all the comments! you guys are my ha ha therapists 😀

    and the winner of this tug of war was indeed the remote.

    source: my in-laws

    like shruti says: sambar on the head, for anyone who thought otherwise:-)

  9. sambar he gets it himself. Remote of course… who wants to get the a$$ off the couch to get the remote? But got to agree with chox. 15 years later it’s two TVs hence each to his/her own 🙂

  10. LOL @ the post and comments. In 50 years, we will pop in a sambar pill and see TV by inserting a TV-viewer-lens into the eye. No more fights. How boring!

    MiM: I love your blog. Just hadn’t gotten the courage to delurk in front of pithiness personified. 🙂

  11. gee! I’d have thought they would have this non verbal communication going…..where spouse # 2 will have already guessed the question and say…

    Shall I pass you the sambar?

    need the remote?


  12. sands: remember the time when we were kids and we had to manually MOVE our butts to change the channel… ?

    average jane: lol! very science fictional! must be the HP that you’ve been watching…
    honey! i used to be petrified of delurking. after two years of lurking, i finally mustered courage to leave a smiley on a blog that i liked.
    yes… and you were saying?

    Tharini: very precient of you… at 50 years of marriage: reading in between the lines happens aka my next post

  13. haha.. thank u thank u *chumi takes a bow*. i try n make the most out of reading a mommy’s blog..
    PS: that’s just to justify that i’m not wasting time reading a mommy’s blog when i’m nowhere near it

  14. maybe none! which is ofcos based on first 5 years wonly! who knows what next 45 have in store! 😀

    i mean we have no cable TV at home to change channels and we serve khaana and get up on our own for refills! :p


  15. MiM, but back in the days when we were young there wasn’t too many channels to change. Just the 2 doordarshan channels remember? Or is it just me who is that old ? (crap…)

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