serial killer – 9


fil to mil: clear orf! you are blocking the view.

mil: no i am not. I am nowhere near your line of vision.

fil: well. you are blocking the view for baby param.


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  1. heavens! Mim, please tell me (or ask your ils), why do they SCREAM on tamil tv. i mean, are they afraid we wont hear it, otherwise. like when they make those announcements for naalai maalai thirai padam etc. if we are hard of hearing, we can increase the volume on the tv, do they not know that?

  2. Kenny: You don’t understand ! The target audience for those channels are people hard of hearing aka il’s and such like. My mom has her own TV in her own room and yet the whole house can hear it! (With doors closed).
    Note to myself: No wonder my last born keeps toddling to it and switching it off

  3. kenny: wassat? speak up gurrl. cant hear you…

    bhu: completely! lol!

    chox: we already have five TV’s in this flat. *absolutely not kidding — the MMMiM had a free run in choosing the accomodation. so this is what he chose over another flat that would have meant proximity to school, market, malls etc — never mind that*

    no i dont think that would be the solution. no. no.

    Poppy: methinks it’s a technical snag. the bgrnd score is disproportionately loud in comparison to the dialogue. that’s why serials are deafness promoting…
    *er. .. my informed view*

  4. I totally agree with you on your last comment MiM. Unlike the english soaps where the background music is subtle and just that, a background, our tamil serials make the background music the focus and dialogues fairly low except when someone dies or is angered. Number of TVs don’t help. FIL has his own TV that the rest of the household can hear loud and clear even though it is physically tucked away in his room 🙂

  5. And what about the ‘echo effect’? Like “nee epdi sandhoshama irukka na pakaren.. pakaren.. pakaren” (n times) along with a swishing head-turn (at least n times). [PS: Please excuse my Tamil and to be fair this is done in all languages.] 🙂

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