what the MMMiM did on Sunday morning…


is the header pic…

*have cropped out the pic of a sulking firstborn*


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  1. I have contemplated doing something similar for the Navarathri kolu! Couldn’t muster enough courage 🙂

  2. LOL! Boys will be boys!! I was wondering how much patience ur FB has to arrange all cars like that! Now i wonder how much patience ur FB had to let MMMiM arrange all cars like that ;)!!

  3. good good. we work hard and buy them all the toys with our hard earned money. its only fair that we be allowed to play with them once in a while. go MMMiM!!!

  4. Obviously you’ve liked it! I like the way you ‘ve honoured though the header… and tried to make us laugh through the text…

  5. Gosh. I think that’s the twin of the bus we bought last week. Does yours go from Andheri to Colaba as well? The Bhabbles eats, sleeps and travels with his new favourite toy clutched in one grubby paw these days.

  6. ahahahha!!!! i thought it was d FB and i was wondering how he managed to get it so organized being the flinger that he is (according to u, that is!)

  7. MFT: i was thinking of arranging only firstborn’s toys as a kolu.
    but baby param would put a spanner in the works.

    shruti: lol! my sympathies are with firstborn though:-)

    Meira: four months into married life and you still havent gotten the golden rule of marriage: DIY

    chox: so it is.

    dipali: he did want to help in the making of this highway. but the MMMiM wasnt letting him touch ANYTHING

    sue: that bus went from Cenotaph Road (first owner) to Nungambakkam ( handmedown) to Goregaon (handme furtherdown) to Kuala Lumpur (the buck er bus stops here, hopefully).

    chumi: firstborn does seem to have an iota of natural discipline. sadly, i am the reason it’s not flourishing.

  8. boys and their toys. All the money I’ve wasted on non-wheeled toys…sigh. Think we’ll just open a garage here…dad and son can live their lives to the fullest.

    p.s. how come fb’s cars are INTACT? all wheels in place, no dents…do you actually..gasp…have a GENTLE-boy?

  9. Best joke!You need a TV or remote to do that. MMMiM also doesn’t have the privilege… finding happiness ..fb’s toys. Now you know why he has supporters?

  10. FIVE TVS? Ask him to give back the cars to the child, right now, I am withdrawing my support from him.
    (if all of them are tuned to the same channel, featuring, say, Solomon Papayya, will it cause a tsunami?)

  11. starry: these are really solid cars, despite fb and baby param’s best efforts.

    Bhu: er kenny just withdrew support. so. supporters have dwindled to supporter.

    sands: well, he built a road, then a house and then a highway … yes. i think he had fun

    average jane: that’s a vetrillai paaku + blousepiece nightmare. almost comparable to a birthday party, in logistical nightmares

    kenny: thankfully only one of the five has cable. if they all worked — i would have five blogs instead of one.

  12. Next header may be the 4 TVs in the parking …what use TVs w/o cable? Supporter stays on! You are too correct…like blog for you!

  13. bhu: supporter will change her mind in future posts. i am convinced;-)

    Average Jane: how bout tamboolam?

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