firstborn’s book of original phrases — page 3


fb to winnie the pooh: Don’t cheese your brother. Didn’t you hear me? I said don’t cheese your brother!

here’s page one and two


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  1. Emily Elizabeth from a scholastic series caused us much trouble yesterday.
    Ezilabeth is fun but her name is not. Says the child who used to say my name is chana.
    We taught her to say that her full name was chana masala.

    She will need therapy someday- will you be practicing then?

    “and frankly MiM, dont cheese my bro makes perfect sense”, sauce sur from bombay, very sternly.

  2. Hmm, what is FB’s take on translations? I mean english equivalents for tamil/ malay. The six year old told me y’day that if reply is the word for ‘badhil’, then is it apply for ‘kelvi’?

  3. How funny! Lip P was imitating her daddy today n so i said copy cat.. n she says ” No. pappa topy tat'” .. she can’t say lemon either its lenum.. n flower is fodder.. its just too cute!

  4. Nitya : make space for me on the boat… we are both taking Year Four together.

    Meira: ketchup was kapich? it was keputch.

    sur: chana gets the clean chit of mental, emotional health for the next 75 years;
    provided her mum’s left ear is tweaked twice to ouchie levels every week .

    Dr. MiM

    mft: malay. dont get me started:

    susu means milk
    kaka means sister

    FB is thoroughly enjoying himself alternating between both.

    Shruti: 🙂

    dipali: Sur For President!Sur For President! Sur For President!

  5. as president i deem the only malay words i know as the anthem: (sung to the tune of daler mehendi’s tunak tunak)
    toine toine, poine poine
    kanak kanak

    ( i travelled on air malaysia to KL, hence my great knowledge of gentlemen, ladies and children in malay)

  6. sur: 🙂 i know only kanak-kanak, from frantically looking for a specialist clinic for the wheezy baby param at 1.30 a.m.

    starry-eyed: tummy-eggs are preferrable to head-eggs

    chumi: hey thanks lah! i didnt know it was kakak!fb says “amma susu” — and then he pretends he meant he wanted milk, all the while. grrrrrrrrrr.

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