a dad is one…


… who personally tests the jungle gym, before he gets the kiddo to climb on it.

(see header)


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  1. a ‘fit’ dad is one who can get away with it, without (a) Bodily injury and (2) Breaking said jungle gym ….

    Kenny, back on his side after hearing that he has not ‘put’ cable on the four other TVs.

  2. LOL. My hubby also falls in the same category.. yesterday he wanted to try out the swing in the kids park to test if it was strong enough. Very Nicely clicked!

  3. chox: very scientific choxululu. note the double lu for EFFECT.

    OJ: my (hidden) survey in the comments section shows: one in every 10 mums shinnies up the jungle gym…
    better the daddy
    than me

    sur: only later did he complain of aches and pains.

    starry, richa, sraikh, dipali: 🙂

  4. kenny!: you can’t just shinny conveniently on to the other side!
    now the MMMiM has supporters. I kinda whittled it down to just solitary Bhu ..

    Meira: attamum! for not sitting on the see-saw. and clicking this pic, instead.

    MFT: you had to ask? elementary my dear mft

    decord: *i am trying to follow sur’s footsteps*

    Neelum::-) thanks! longtime no post/no see?

    Nitya: FB is this hypercautious kid: only if dad makes it without fumbling, does he consent to try a new part of the play area.

  5. Print Lovah!: rofl! dad was indulging the entire cast of Mickey’s Club House

    Sands: aka my dad.

    A million Different People: rofl!

    AJ: gawsh! these gymmie moms are easily inspired.

    MGM: I would reply to your comment. but i am too busy making a song and dance, “you are back! you are back!! you are back!!!”

    Trish: 🙂

    Stray Gray: Wait a minute. wait a minute. wait a minute. no one said anything about handing over remotes.

    wj: you and choxulu are officially the only two mums to have personally tested the jungle-gym. congratulations! you guys can now proceed hand-in-hand to the play area….

  6. everytime i TRY and do this stuff (climbing and swinging, NOT clicking), the bleedy maali aka as the gardener and caretaker comes and makes me give up and just let cubby do the stuff! hrrmmppff!

  7. Abha: wow! you are now a statistic.two in every 10 mums shinnies up the jungle gym.

    wj: whatever. just don’t leave your rake and bucket behind like last time.

    Avg Jane: continue to not go. and gimme more of that fantastic trivia instead.

    In love: grandpa recommends tilting head to one side and continue watching desired programme/serial…:-)

  8. a dad is one who can afford to have the adolescent size build after fb&bp. Seriously hunted for the dad in the header. Thank God there were no grown up kids using the jungle gym when you clicked. MMMiM’s size justifies all reliving childhood needs! Solitary stronger supporter now! You may soon hear people ask you “You have 3 sons?!”

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