the last two weeks…


of grandma and grandpa in KL.

this blog won’t be the same without them 😦

Baby Param is being swung to this ditty by arthritic grandpa in the header


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  1. 12 years later my kid still wants one set of grandparents at our home at all times 🙂 They leave a void that only they can fill each time they take off 😦

  2. starry: you told the MMMiM to get going — and now he’s gone to china. i told you he was a literal type.

    chox: it’s a trick of the light.

    D: 😦

    dips: the vada-feeding neighbour is flooded with in-laws as well; so vadas are becoming fewer and far between.

    hi there anupama: *big wave to the neo blogger.*

    kenny: 🙂

    shruti: thank you. 🙂

    In love: nopey. that’s why am all mopey.

  3. Poppy: mil yes. definitely. fil no.

    Sands: 😦

    Print Lovah: man!!!!!!!!!! you are something else! you do have an eye for detail. you are bang on! baby param is in the tallest percentile for his age.

    AJ: hey thanks. that was sweet of you to say:-) my mil, if she heard, would tom-tom it to her pals back home …
    and nobody would EVER hear the end of it.

    MGM: this IS your third request. something tells me you are serious about this. fill up this questionnaire first. here’s the first question:
    do you get SUN tv @ Norway?

    Era: woohoo! thank you:-)

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