gargle, gargle, gargle


grandpa is gargling away his sore throat…three times a day.

and firstborn, standing outside the bathroom, is delighted at the er .. audio-pyrotechniques emerging from grandpa’s throat.

he wants to know if he can rush and procure the neighbour’s kid to listen in on the fun, as well.

What is the emily postiquette on this one, i have no clue.


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  1. i think 1 malaysian dollar per ticket mightbe a fair entry charge for all the kids in the neighbourhood.

    FB could share the spoils with the grandpa.

  2. hmm, maybe you can advertise it as a double bill- up the price to 2 M dollars.

    You can share the spoils with FB and grandpa. Any other added attractions in your family?

  3. you could get yourself a caravan and travel with the troupe.
    can i be your bombay agent? I have a full sink waiting for your act!

  4. the best part about your posts (mostly) is the comments are as entertaining as the post! 😀

    but kids are indeed ticked by weirdest of stuff!

    just this morning M was telling me a sidey dialogue from the movie Zulm Ki Hukumat (??!!) and expected me to laugh. i didnt! so he said i didnt have any taste and repeated the same dialogue to the 2yo and he laughed like crazy! and he didnt even unnerstand a thing!! :p

    i recco a audio clip be put on the blog so that we dont have to pay! :p


  5. choxulu: tell me again…. why isnt that CAT exam named after you?
    You have an MBA brain … y’know

    Meira: *shudder* that would be the equivalent of give spoon to firstborn, ask him to knock MiM on head;
    enter kiddie 2 from school; pass aforementioned spoon — MiM receives two knocks on head
    enter kiddie 3: pass spoon. 3 knocks.

    goes on in loop.

    sur: Vim bar? do you have that?

    starry: the MMMiM does a pretty good imitation though. will have to get by with that.

    sur: actually dollar is correct (colloquially spking) .

    dips: 🙂

    Abha: audio clip can be done. oh of course. momma bloggers and their kiddos can listen for free:-)

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