It is with regret that I inform you…


…that Grandpa, who delighted
readers with his Superior Knowledge and Avid Interest in Mickey Mouse’s Club House, is not such a Keen Fan after all.

All the while, he’s been under the impression that Minnie’s name
is Meena.


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  1. i think the error is totally within permissible and reasonable limit!

    people call be abba, haaba and Aadha after knowing me for years together! bah!


  2. dipali: I think you are in the mood for a grandchild:-)

    stranger: Hiya stranger! don’t be a stranger! I’ve always wanted to use that line:-)
    grandpa has no use for “minnies” — when I told him, he had a what’s the spider-doing-in-my-kaapi look

    chox: yep. as a takeaway present back to India. I wonder how that’ll make me look in the sis-in-law’s eyes!

    sur: southie speaking. D Duck would be D. Dakshinamoorthy (shortened to D.Duck)

    shruti: i hear ya:-)

  3. abha: lol@ “error is totally within permissible and reasonable limit”

    Neelum: grandpa is a hoot!

    starry: psychoanalyst dr. sur has to be called upon. only her fees is making me think again

    BM: Mickey is kinda in bgrnd. Pete, howevah, is still in the foreground

    Meira: thangeeeeeeee. plan to open a brand new page and post the award. but seem to have forgotten how to open a new page…
    I think I am wathcing way too much Mickey Mouse

    runa: WOWIE! delurkers I lurve!:-) I should present you a Minnie pendant that chox keeps going on abt.

    Print Lovah: rofl! you said it!!

  4. AJ: you like southie names i know enough to spam you: how about kanagasabapathy, kathavarayan and andipatti murugesan for a start

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