I am surrounded by …


fashion d-uh nuts.

i put on a light homemade orange skin facemask. and go about my business. and the three adults at home *in all seriousness* ask me if the contents of the mixie splattered on my face, today.


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  1. ya! .. DUH! , I remember .. long long back.. PC had once commented skeptically on my face pack “Does that really help?” .. These ppl I say!! 😉

  2. Lol, I’m sure the soft skin is worth the slight ribbing. If only I weren’t so lazy I might splash something on my face to help out with the sunspots.

  3. shruti: really! how d-uh

    preeti: that would be firstborn on seeing my hair full of mehndi

    sole: you may be right:-(

    Print Lovah: gah!

    Nitya: NO!
    *notes how to perk up Nitya after that sombre fish post *

    chox: check with Nitya. she has all of them that i flung.

    Meira: he would be a metrohusband. *mine would assume the cucumber gel was for consumption*

    era: soft skin. no.no nono. actually i answer to the name moonface — craters and crevices et al.

    Poppy: even if there was the ILs and the MMMim are paying no attention…

  4. Reminds me of this time with grandpa who was visiting from the village. I had applied clearasil to troubled spots and he said “I heard you get creams these days to clear your face. Why dont you get one and put it on those spots?” LOL.

  5. blue mist: no just orange juice.

    In love: 🙂

    MGM: 🙂 i thought you were hankering for the ILs, all this while?

    CA: agree completely. will do.

    sands: beauty took the backseat. practicality was driving.

    AJ: i think i feel a little better

    print lovah: make that much better

    musings: 🙂

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