the beginning of the end…


My ma used to say “firstborn doesn’t really need toys, when he can have cushions, walking stick, a tie and Baby.”

but the walking stick will now take the flight back to India on Sunday.



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  1. oh i am so with you MiM…many a times I deliberated hiding travel documents, changing their tickets, even locking them up in the spare room and ‘letting them out’ when they promise to behave. I will never judge the ‘kings’ of yore for enslaving the local talent!!

  2. aneela: rofl!

    sole: oh man! what is this? Exodus?

    shruti: no clue when they’ll be back. I think they’ll come when they kinda think they are forgetting the opening sequence of Mickey Mouse Club House:-)

    will mail you the fishes. really it’s not great at all. we had fun though:-) thanks!

    musings: i actually COULD forget abt the kids for a few hours these part few months.
    no longer. šŸ˜¦

    Meira: visa is the prob

    abha: lol!

    Nino;s Mum: thanks:-)

  3. oohhh! I know…I can imagine. Mom and Dad are planning to come visit us in Oct. I’m now calling them every week to pressurize them into booking their tickets. šŸ™‚

    hey I missed you. sorry life has been kinda now going back and reading all your previous posts. looking forward to the day today. yum yum.

  4. sands: goodie for firstborn!

    p.l. : yep. here visas are only for a month… what’s a paltry month in the scheme of things, i ask you?

    socio: hey!!!!!! that’s great news!

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