my dad would say : bye
ma would just : leave

au contraire. the in-laws.

mil has kissed baby param : 2500 times
worried about how on earth I am going to manage: 8 million times
fil has checked his ticket: 8.1 million times
mil has told firstborn to be model child: 17 times
mil is saying bye to every God’s picture in household: 3 times over
fil has used three rolls of sellotape and a bottle of glue: to paste fwding address labels : on TWO smallish bags.
the mil is teary-eyed and quavery: yet again

and the MMMiM’s face looks exactly like this: 😦


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  1. They will be dearly missed, that’s for sure. BTW, I wonder if the bag labelling works. The airline temporarily lost one of our bags on the last trip.

  2. re: the print lover’s query my grand father would ask us to go a night early and lie down on tracks/runway, he said the plane/train might run you over but at least you wont be late.
    my commiserations on the IL’s being kaka wooshed in the coming days.

  3. *ROTFL imagining fb being a model child and then wondering …how mim will manage* asking the 8000001 times..hahahahaha.

  4. I am sure its difficult and you will definitely miss them, kids will miss them even more. BUt you will be fine and will manage… take care! 🙂

  5. 🙂 your in-laws sound like my folks and your ma and dad sound like my in-laws.
    I’m glad I live a hour’s drive away, or this would be the scene every weekend. Although the teary-eyed and wavery voice does happen.

  6. Am I the only wierdo who doesn’t mind partings so much, anything goes to add spice to life?

    Except when it comes to parting with my own kids.

    What? You think I’ll be so upset to part when my kids are like 30+? Naah.

  7. Please post soon. Please write your style of parting. In phone, say managing is fun-unless you want toinvite “I told you so” 8 million times

  8. Nitya: firstborn is odd. he spent 23 hours and 59 minutes with his grandma every day. and now he says he’s missing grandpa.

    bhu: no bhu. am kinda stoic about partings. *i’d like to think* a mixture of my ma and my dad.

    MGM: you are sadly a SUN TV-less country. so they won’t even smell a single white rose that falls from your hair

    TPL!!!!!!!: you know us SO WELL?! I am persuaded you are a blood relative. true identity please.

    Shruti: thanks

    Era: it doesn’t. but if it keeps fil monomaniacally occupied for four hours and thirty minutes. why not?

    aneela: my fil is the kind who would wake the rooster…!

    sraikh/AJ: sad.

    starry: it’s monday afternoon. and he’s still 😦

    richa: really! even nino’s mum said that.

    preeti: fb can be rather trying . y;know!

    dipster: 😦

    sakhi: that was a very ‘sakhi’-like comment. thank you.

    chox: am a mix of my folks: i show no or nearly zero emotion at these partings.

    nino’s Mum: even richa said that.
    my mil talks to all of her five kids at least once a day — if they are a local call away.
    my ma and me talk like once a fortnight or something — and i am an only child, btw.

    musings: not me. that was the man married to the MiM

    poppy: I’d hate for anyone to think that they are all alone in the weirdness department. I AM THERE, poppy! never fear!

    Bhu: lol! thanks for the tip;-)

  9. the grand ma just left from chez nous and i wonder who will cubby say “TV dekhenge” to?!


    add to that i have to enter the kitchen! grrr!

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