no grandparents watching cartoons
no grandchildren watching TV soaps.

not quite.

I tried to create an atmosphere of silence for baby param’s nap.
and he woke up.

I tried to create an atmosphere of dark coolness so baby param would nap.
and he woke up.

I made daughter-in-law scheme, husbands wimpy, and random women cry buckets. In very irrelevantly high volume. (aka switched on SUN TV) And he’s sleeping on…


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  1. Silence is deafening, dearest;-) See, baby Param knows that.

    Visited some dear mallu friends yesterday and amidst raucous laughter and inappropriate jokes, Armaan slept for two hours:-) TWO. That never happens in quiet coolness or whatever!

  2. How cute. My kids are exactly the same. They sleep next to the speakers blaring music on a new years eve party night šŸ™‚

  3. MGM: but the serials are getting to me… gah! the kiddies dont want to nap to cnn.

    starry: i thought i could turn into an eclipse

    richa: he certainly wazzzzzz.

    sioneve: baby param certainly does. ..
    *and check out nino’s mum repartee on that one:-)!*

    Shruti: nopey! only tiny li’l smacks from me. for displaying “addiction” tendencies

    Nino’s Mum: I was hoping it wouldnt.

    sands: ada kadavuley!

    chox: “if only iā€™d married a billionaire and was ten years younger…. “the purrrrrrfect start to a short story. spill all chox

    AJ: I think that was a statement designed to make me feel better. it did. not by all that much. but it did.

  4. @Chox: LOL. Why would I? We need more babies with your genes šŸ™‚ Go ahead. No more dilly dallying or I’ll land up at your doorstep with Sweetpea.

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