the hand-made/local tag!


In four years of living with the firstborn. I have bought him only one plaything — a puzzle.
i’d like to put it this way. I may have bought only one per cent of firstborn’s toy collection but i buy nearly 99 per cent of his books.

I dislike stuffed toys. so that’s out.
I dislike cars. so that’s out.
I dislike dolls. so that’s out too.

and what is left?

me. I am his real-live, recycling-friendly environmentally-reasonably friendly toy. so what else does he need? right? right!

but this is what he has…
a lovely train set in wood — from khadi gramudyog bhavan, chennai. — a present to firstborn from smal.

and a little wooden “gems” car (since all the wheels look like Cadbury’s Gems) — that was Rs. 40. — a present from my ma from a handicrafts exhibition in CP Art Centre, chennai.
I am wary of the big eating up the small. I have always been. The giant machine-made corp. crowding into the small toy-maker’s space.

We can help by buying what is
1. handmade
2.a local product.
Here in KL. One place i liked is called “pasar seni” . this is a heritage building turned into a crafts centre.

picture courtesy: internet

picture courtesy: internet

this toy I picked up was for the MMMiM. this hand-drum is unique to Malaysia and is played at weddings. The MMMiM has a great sense of rhythm and this is really a perfect replacement for the plastic bucket he used to bring out, whenever he liked a song.
pic from internet

pic from internet

P.S(this is a tag picked from the google-like chox.)

here are the rules
1. tell us about the toys that are handmade/local that your kid has(post pix if you can)
2 tell us about great places /sites/resourcesto look for them in your area
3. tag five other mums

I would like to force-feed this tag on…

MGM: and get to know what is local there in Norway (and you are already sitting on another tag, MGM)

by dear friend Bhu: who is also an expert on early childhood

Shruti: li’l P’s toy train and other yummy handmade toys — pliss to show us

sur: with your eye for art … pliss tell us where you go in Mumbai?

the mad momma: a peek into the b and b’s nursery’s top most.

ETA: go here to read art’s post


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  1. I had an entire kitchen set in wood. and a flute, and ‘pallanguri’ . The only ‘board game’ I played was scrabble. Still do 🙂
    My niece is 2, and she plays only with her mom’s steel plates, spoons n dabbas!

  2. meira: i love pallanguzhi too… i was so bad at the math that it’s not funny.
    even KLites have their own pallanguzhi — i saw it in pasarseni

    shruti: What? when did you visit?

    chox: the kids will love it there. very “at home” feeling you get there …and the loos are Indian style as well;-)

    starry: you are looking at only one side of the story: the other side has broken wheels;-). do your post-starry!

  3. shall wake up from my deep slumber and do the tag. would love to actually- she has a treasure trove of handmade stuff- each with a story behind the object- or the person who gifted it to her.
    but for a while my many arms are tied up juggling many many balls in the air- but in a couple of days( when the balls have fallen and scattered) shall surely do the tag.
    loved your list-

  4. Hi,

    Have a favour to ask .
    If you can,can you list out some titles (of books). Would love to check it for my 3.5 year old.


  5. FUN TAG!! Aren’t you tired of tagging me though? it only takes me a gazillion years to get around to it.

    Most of the handicraft stuff is from India.. We reserve Norway for plasticky crap Bakugan shite.

  6. kenny: i think these stuffed toys are SO not cute. they are also HUGE carriers of all kinds of diseases, dust and blech. am sure.

    MM: please go ahead, even if you have one toy that’s wogay.

    TPL: and that would be THE END of this blog. everyone would run away to their mammas, looking at the frightful person in the header

    hi viji!!: superb idea! fantastic idea! brilliant idea! you know am going to do it as my next tag… top ten books in the kiddo’s collection.
    and i’ll pass it on as a tag as well…so! woohoo! thanks viji:-) all excited now…

    MGM: get to work, NOW. or get whacked by a solid wooden handicraft:-)

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