now that’s what i call a friend…


chennai; august 26

my ma’s friend: baby param’s birthday is on 28 August. Happy Birthday in advance to him.

my ma: no it’s on August 27.

friend: no August 28. I am sure!

my ma calls me to check. and the friend is right after all.

gawsh! eyewitnesses say my ma apparently looked SHEEPISH! awww shucks! see how many things you miss when you live abroad


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  1. Happy Birthday to baby Param!

    And delectable lips he’s got πŸ™‚ who is squeezing his cheeks so hard? 😦

  2. Happy b’day to BP! I would be that friend. I have a close friend and I am her remainder for all special events in her family πŸ™‚

  3. thanks all — birthday post coming right up.

    ron:that means baby param WILL have a sense of humour– yay!!

    sands: really?! WOW!!!

    tpl: i eat mdh on everyone’s behalf:-) that’s just what i do.

    sole: visa expired last week. so.

    Abha: and you don’t want to see a pic of me, first? hmpf!

  4. Nino’s Mum: very special wishes go out to your ma — from baby param and from me.

    MGM: and your kind of ma i is the sort i have been pining for since adolescence! pshaw!

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