to the baby boy who has the LOUDEST laugh in our home…

firstborn’s laugh: is peal after peal. when he’s tickled. when he tells the same ol’ knock knock joke. sometimes his laugh is more a snort.

my laugh : “sounds like a classic Ford engine,” (my friend Eka-lavya once said)

the MMMiM: is of the unsmiling acquiline profiled. so we dont know how his laugh sounds like. he may have laughed in 1984. nothing more than a mere upward twitch of the lips after that.

baby param’s laugh: is like ghatotgacha on a roll… ahahahahaha… ahahahahaha
and he sounds just as LOUD too!

happy one. son.


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  1. happy first birthday baby param, may you always laugh the loudest and may one day your pout puts angelina to shame šŸ™‚ roll on!

  2. Happy, happy, and truly happy one!
    May the smiles grow wider and the laughs louder: and may he bring as much joy to others and he already does (currently through his mum, albiet).

  3. h.a.p.p.y b.i.r.t.h.d.a.y! I have it on good authority that babies with the remotest of resemblances to Ghatotkachh are madly adorable, so you’re in luck!

  4. thank you everyone. How warm these wishes feel — esp. for a lonely marginalised family living abroad and looking hungrily India-wards.
    thank you all.

    @babiesanon: you aint seen nothing yet. i recommend you to check out the blog of one momma named poppy.

  5. ONE? Already?
    *Pauses to wonder how long she has in flu-land*
    Dear Baby P,
    May you be twice as naughty as your older brother,
    And never be caught by your mother…

  6. richa: the real party is in India — where he’ll get his “mundan” and ear-pierced — so pix will follow.

    Nitya: thanks on baby param’s behalf.
    and his mother sends you a vada!
    *hugs. get well soon – ALL OF YOU!*

    CHOX: wada doesnt really roll of the tongue. and wadas should NEVER roll of the tongue — else they defeat the pupose of their existence.

    as for vada. or vadai. now you are talking.

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