virtual reality


i personally wished a friend “happy birthday.” i showed up on her doorstep.
and bought her a nice present.

and she says: “yes. but please post your birthday wish on my facebook wall. I’d appreciate that the most.”

*Exit MiM. scratching her head*


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  1. Ah – your friend is seeking universal acclaim for her birthday! Each wish on facebook is a public acknowledgement of her popularity!

  2. sur: i thought i wasnt ready for reality. but i am not ready for virtual reality either.

    sioneve: ahhh. it’s all crystal clear now.

  3. a virtual goat is a better gift than one that is prettily wrapped and sitting for real on your desk???

    sorry i have been mulling over your friend’s request thats why i keep coming back to this post

  4. LOL.
    so ppl these days prefer the virtual world to the real. Damn, I’m so outdated!
    MiM, pl do drop by at my doorstep. HUge hug and a nice cuppa tea awaits.

  5. eh? do people really think like your friend?? Ya! good that we hav internet n stuff.. but could anything beat a handmade card or that letter ur dad wrote to you or your love letters.. or a gift from a thoughtful friend??
    only after sioneve explained I got it too! but weird!! maybe i’m getting too old. need to ask my sister.. if she feels the same!

  6. Some people have such awesome social graces no? Wonder how far up their ass the antenna goes? MiM? Whaddaya think?

  7. Readers love you so much to blast a babyish b’day baby. Happy Birthday MiM’s friend and may you have more online and offline

  8. AJ: the friend has even gotten her fb on fb. she plays farm animals on his behalf(!)

    sur: yep. must take the quiz on “how zapped are you in facebook”, to really check how zapped i am

    richa: hey! thanks:-)

    shruti and sraikh: i think we are a little outdated. the world has upgraded itself to version 2.0.

    starry: lol! your gift has to be customised starry lady:-) : it has to have on the wrapping paper: stars, twinklers, stardust, a planet or two, arjun’s rocket …

    Poppy: I did too.

  9. hey shivani: delurker? and thanks for the link!
    and i guess she should attend the snaa — but not before i attend the baa (blogging addict’s anonymous). heh. heh

    blue mist: dipali said it.

    preeti: ROFL! and she would say send me a virtual band-aid as a remedy.

    Meira: lol@your link! and dont bother cooking, we can head off to chox’s for dokhlas and chikoo milkshake…

    In Love: no talkings. only “wall”ings.:-)

    Abha: 🙂

    Manisha: wowie hi there another delurker:-)

    d: i would tell you — but am too busy thinking up my status update:-)

    Musings: awwwwwww *hugs*

  10. MGM: well. these folks seem to be sitting pretty 🙂 so the antenna. erm it couldnt have gone v. far

    mft: and i think this is a sign of the times mft.

    sands: virtually and virtual hug and virtual present — all as requested.

    bhu: or more offline than online

    TPL: 🙂

    chox: and i am bringing meira as well.

  11. oh! you are joking, are you not?
    having said that, can you please send me a friend request? and write on my wall? and ‘Like’ my status update, photos, and such like? and also comment on them after you ‘Like’ them. and, of course, don’t forget to wish me in April. well, you cannot forget, cause FB will REMIND you incessantly that its the month of my birthday and you better get your act together.

  12. MiM,

    Silent lurker, yes & a big fan of your writing style 🙂 The blogreaderosphere would be much happier without your attending the BAA 😉

  13. sur: baa!

    kenny: 🙂 facebook should quicly get a “I hate this ” icon. mebbe a double thumbs down or something

    chox: kaapi? you said kaapi? good! now try saying “vadai”


    shivani: thanks! *hugs for the delurk*

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