Mickey spouse


the MMMiM again. almost perfect scores in mathematics through school.three professional degrees. 14 years of work-exp.
and he still cant get the facts about one teeny cartoon right.

~ “isn’t mickey a girl? the voice sounds er… feminine…”

~ He also wanted to know how firstborn told Daisy and Donald apart — “dont they look similar”

(all the while i am cluttering my brain with completely unnecessary trivia like the Italian name for Mickey Mouse is Topolino)
How does AJ keep arguments down to three a day?


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  1. I tell hubby this all the time. “Moms can hear every breath, sound, look and step of their little ones. Dads are vaguely aware that there are some short people living in the house.”

    Then how do we expect them to understand cartoon characters?!

  2. starry: lol! you are a hoot!
    in our house, the dad has no problem with the short people… they all play with the same toys, and fight over whose turn it is to pick up the ball.

    but television programmes + not in mother tongue = the MMMiM is baffled.

  3. Here the husband can rattle off names of every cartoon character, along with number of episodes, no. of times rerun on which channel, who had what for breakfast…I don’t think my kids are going to like the competition!

  4. shruti: oooh two men in the same boat. then it’s a trend

    artnavy: actually the grandfather used to fight with firstborn over the toys/ who would get to read the book first/ etc.
    now that they are back in India, it’s a slump.

    sur:. on mickeymouse, squeaky is infinite. but violence is zero. … so i am not ready to hurl my rotten tomato, just yet.

    thanks for the link! the friend’s film was LOVELY! i loved the music! will play it for the boys… and pass it on to Nitya — Arjun would love it too…

  5. just thinking out loud, does MMMiM know that he has some strong, silent( and not so handsome) supporters scouring the net for MiM wit?

    And yes dipali, different data for different brains. george can not understand why i spell out words like i-c-e c-r-e-a-m . He says the word out loud and spells b-e-e-r or worse, o-l-d m-o-n-k.

  6. dipster: pshaw! a MMMiM supporter. guards off with her head!

    sur: i told you he was 18th century.
    first i have to sit down. on the floor. (still thinking 18th century).
    and explain the concept of a blog.
    the reason d’etre.
    and he’d say “WHAT?”
    “our whole life is public?”
    “Guards! off with her head”

    (in other words — he has no clue!)

  7. See? This is why I argue that formal education is a con job! Really! Elementary Disney 101 is too much?

    You must take charge and educate the man. We can’t have this distance. What will happen when he fails to comprehend Bakugan ? or can’t recognise Pikaachu?

    The relationship will crumble is what!

  8. @sur: that was lovely! thanks for the link. i also checked another film called printed rainbow by the same person – that was lovely as well.
    who is this lady?

  9. Hi there, just thought of sharing this piece of info with you:
    Should you go, please let me know how it was….I want to go too…but will not be before the weekend.

    Toys Clearance Sale @ Magic Tree

    If you’re looking for quality toys for your children, as gifts or even for your collection, check out our special offers at discounted rates!

    Venue: Magic Tree Child Development Sdn Bhd, 20B, Persiaran Zaaba, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 KL
    Tel: (03) 7727 0817, (012) 210 5620
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  10. choxbox: unfortunately printed rainbow is only an excerpt on you tube. The film was screened at Cannes! it is exquisite-
    geetanjali is a dear friend whose work has had me spellbound for years. hopefully her films will be distributed by an online company soon.

  11. sur: was going to ask where i can see the full version of printed rainbow. exquisite is the word, even going by just the excerpt.
    guess she already knows this but please tell her random anon folks think she should make more films like blue. please pretty please.

  12. MGM: Disney 101 is too much for him — i don’t know if there is a class that’s lower than that. 😦
    i think i’ll try flash cards that are the size of billboards…

    aj: nit? not!
    knit? knot! (er. i confuse myself sometimes)

    Neelum: hey !!! thanks for the info… will pass this on to my friends as well– and if you check it out before i do — do tell.
    (I like the puzzles at “think toys” — formerly Early Learning Centre, in Bangsar Village) have you tried that?

    sur: the intro is like a lovely book turned into a movie… your friend is W.O.W!

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