rock bottom


baby param ‘s fingers touched the water, as it swirled its flushy swirl.

was i extra careless or was baby param extra quick.

life without grandparents



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  1. swirls are inviting.
    does the finger cut through the swirl and slice it in half,
    or does the swirl take the finger on a merry go round ride?

    such exciting possibilities.

    baby param did good to test waters.

    and slow, mother, you! must have sanitised the said finger.

    alls well that ends well.

  2. it’s all about exploration and adventure. Not all things are lovely. Some sure got to be yuck. What’s the fun otherwise. My younger one has ingested quite a few snails when he was a toddler (if that makes you feel better!!!)

  3. yippee! thanks all:-)

    Meira: you have a point.

    kenny: no you didn’t. i never heard any such thing.

    sur: merry-go-round… and if firstborn knew, he’d be tempted too.

    chox: i know. what am i complaining about!

    sands: omg! really??

  4. in love: i have never known you say ONE measly word against baby param — you are his supporter from his washing-machine hugging days.

  5. Much better than my *super neat freak* friend who found her 1 year old sitting next to the toilet, lovingly chewing on the toilet cleaning brush! *Ewwww!*

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