Monthly Archives: October 2009



up: i have a costume idea for firstborn’s halloween school party
down: he has to leave for school in half an hour
up: the costume is white shorts, white Tee and a white dupatta over his head –> a ghost

down: visibility is poor. we still take a photo, nevertheless

up: firstborn is packed. dupatta packed inside school bag.
DOWN: firstborn forgets to wear the dupatta. Completely ruins my spook idea.

UP: at least he brought it back safely. i can just strangle myself with that dupatta.

wtf moment of the night


I am sleeping.
tired after a day of swallowed whistle-stones — baby param
firstborn’s s.l.o.w. eating
hundreds of dirty dishes

and the MMMiM shakes me awake.
“Wake up. wake up.”

Me (almost comatosely): “What?”

MMMim: “You know it’s only 4 a.m. — we can sleep for another two more hours.” and goes back to sleep.

really. he woke a kumbakharna-esque me, to tell me THAT?
i spend the next two hours thinking very dark thoughts about the man. very dark.

(ETA: header pic: a rangoli at hsbc bank, Kuala Lumpur)

limerick and a link


AJ, my friend, limericks aren’ my best
the story of his folks, I asked in jest
he started to talk and i married him,
the man known here as the MMMiM,
to discover he didnt have a family tree, he had a forest.
go here for a lovely old-fashioned post by mft

P.S. if someone wants to unsubscribe to maidinmalaysia after reading that awful attempt at a limerick — i totally understand.