artist unknown



the kolum on baby param’s first birthday…


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  1. chox: an employee from the hall we had hired for the festivities…
    and yes my mail?

    shruti: the “auspicious” grains; all placed on blouse-pieces in colours favoured by the navagrahas. my mil has all the details…:-)

  2. What symmetry!

    @Blue Mist – The white is rice flour (food for the the ants) and the red border is brick powder, both mixed with water to the desired consistency. They use a cloth piece to dip in these mixtures and draw out the kolam

  3. starry: she could start her kaapi korner. yes.

    bm: all drawn by the ring and middle finger in unison.

    aj: india trip+ kolu+ mil = i cant speak a sentence without inserting ‘blouse piece’ for effect

    chox: thanks for the link:-)

    richa: thankye. howz our goosh?

  4. sole: i have camera battery issues. and everything about this camera is an issue since i was the one who dropped it.

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