what do you hide from your husband…


i just met a woman who has hidden the fact that she plays lotto, from her husband. 20 years of marriage. two kids. one adopted.
and the guy doesn’t know she’s won 7000 ringgit and upwards. and she plays every week.

me. what i’d like to hide from my husband is the fact that there’s no dinner tonight.
coz i am catching up on 600 or more blog posts on google reader (YOU GUYS HAVE SURE BEEN WRITING!).


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  1. You mean other than the actual number of exes? And the actual cost of the clothes and makeup and handbags and oh so cute designer baby wear? Everybody hides that no? No?

    Then nothing at all – I tell my husband everything. Really.

  2. I had a classmate and she used to be so nonchalant about lying to the spouse. Why jeopardize a good relationship and at tha same time why not do whatever ‘I’ want to do… Such a simple out look!! πŸ™„

    It would be so difficult to do for me! just like choxbox, me too a chatterbox… And I love it that way!! hee..hee…

  3. What I hide: Where I’ve hidden his hideous shirts and shoes
    What I make a point never to hide: How his mother mixes coffee with the sugar spoon and forgets the wet spoon in the sugar dabba.
    You go read. I’l make vada

  4. I hide facts like when the actual appointment time is with the doctor or the restaurant or the parent teacher meeting just to make sure he gets home on time from work. Telling him the real time means we are never on time to any appt. πŸ™‚

  5. I hide the blogs i read … who am I kidding … he is not interested in blogs 😦 (mine included)
    I wish i could hide his computer so he didn’t work when he was home .. but then again, you are not asking my wishlist here … are you?

  6. sands: that’s hardly hiding. that’s practical!

    AJ: yes. i know what you mean. you folks are pathetically average

    Minal: newbie? hi there!

    CA: *sigh* reminds me of tharini’s recent post.

  7. Well, know what.. I wrote that. Signed out, and went home, thinking I WILL cook tonight. Entered the kitchen, debated some and eventually found that the gas was over. Again. πŸ˜€
    Oh my woes!

  8. heh – does deliberate obliviousness on his part count? Even if I ASK, he’s not interested in my purchases! Works for me, for the most part πŸ™‚

    Actually I do hide something – the number of books I am reading at a given time – for some reason he finds it very strange that I have more than one book going at a time!


  9. cyn:what blogs do you read? even i want to know, now.

    minal: nice handle you have

    dipster: gah! that’s hardly hiding..

    meira: you are providence’s only daughter, am sure of it.

    M: tell him it’s a global trend. NO ONE the world over, reads just one book at a time. i am sure of it.

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