surprise cooking


abr’s would know that i am thinking of calling that samea payasam: samea surprise.
(you think you are drinking samea, but quelle surprise..)

methinks i should rename my entire cooking repertoire.
all my dishes should have the suffix surprise

rasam surprise = no salt
curd surprise = too sour
kootu surprise = too pasty
dinner surprise = no food


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  1. Lol!! πŸ™‚ might have to reconsider if u ever think of inviting me for dinner.. On the other hand, Thanks for the forewarning. I’ll come prepared πŸ™‚

  2. sue said what i wanted to say!!

    sadly M considers office food to be bahaar ka khaana. so when i insist on atleast 2 meals at restos over the weekend he says roz hi toh bahar khaate hai! bah!!

  3. shruti: no surprises for friends. only for spouses. today’s early bird prize is a copy of New Strait Times Newspaper served with kaapi.
    (copy with kaapi)

    dipali: go right ahead.

    Sue: agreed. our dinner surprises are rare; but sometimes the curd can be so surprising that you have to shut down your right eye for the day.

    Abha: bah indeed!

    rads: omg πŸ™‚

    chox: oh yes! chox as a young hostess

    CA: fiveaaaaa? *falls off the chair*

    AJ: how tough buddy

    richa: really? no way!

    sioneve: *blush*

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