danger ! facebook-like quiz ahead…


which dirty dish do you hate cleaning the most?

a. milk that has boiled over
b. curry that is stuck to the pan
c. the morning’s rasam utensil,
d. the chopping board

my answer is e. lunch boxes

What it says about your personality: that you have a fine nose for odours. that you are partial to payasam, and terrible at routines. that you’ll have two kids. and read books on feminism.

name the dirty dish you hate to clean and I’ll give you a free personality psychoanalysis.


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  1. sands: amazing! and the analysis came out pretty accurate in your case as well, i think. no?

    bluemist: dishwasher aaaaah! we heard horror stories about how it was such a big deal to unload the dishwasher. so we didnt buy.
    all of the above eh? that befuddles the tester a bit.

  2. Make that the lunch box that has been “forgotten” at school for a week…blech!

    As bad as lunch boxes are, the dishwasher takes care of the yuck there for the most part, so my biggest gripe is with the vessel used to boil milk , which requires the use of steel wool…everything else is easy to clean here.


  3. Lunch box definitely 🙂 and no dishwashers here in our part of the world..:(

    so what is the test result, MiM?!

  4. Forgotten lunch boxes and the milk vessels … I hate hate the scratching …
    But hey, I didn’t say I like cleaning any of the above options given …
    I tell you coming up with surprises (earlier post) is tolerable .. doing the dishes … nightmare!

  5. few more to add to the cart : f)the kadugu ,jeera n oil drops splattered all over the stove g)the dried rasam thats boiled over burner h) the podi’s thats sprinkled around the stove i)the milagai kambu and karuveppilai kucchis…ufffff… n lot more after the morning samaiyal by M-in-L 🙂

  6. ROFL Mim. Correction to load and unload. 😛
    When I had burnt milk in brand new vessel; I had to google for the remedy. Thankfully it worked like magic. 🙂

  7. hmmm the ones where sometimes the food burns and sticks as if never to be removed!!!
    I have a tough time with all the grime remover cleansers and scrubbing!

  8. AJ,

    A “heavy” oil like til oil also works. Easiest way to clean idli-moulds – soak the whole rack in the cooker (or idli-maker) – any stuck-on debris just comes right off.


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