twists, curves and curls


i have a sister-in-law who just did this.

see those small stars — that’s about as far as i can get.


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  1. Lovely Rangoli !
    A complete star in one go ?? mim … you are far ahead … I’d have to 5 lines (hopefully straight) to make a star 🙂

  2. pliss to tell SIL a.b.r.s think its awesome.

    and for you, where do i send the rangoli book (tulika publishers) i mentioned in my post?

  3. the stars are awesome MiM! i cant even do that much!

    i prefer showing Cubby rangolis outside everyone elses house making him think it is something done by others! :p


  4. Lovely MiM! Kudos to your SiL!

    I do think kolam is a dying art…look at us, wondering if we can get even an itsy-bitsy star right 😦

  5. wow – please tell your SIL she’s very talented.
    My MIL does this – freehand, freeform padi-kolams – much in demand at family weddings even today (in the age of contracted out everything weddings).


  6. Wow! That’s stunning!
    Talented sister-in-law! And I’m sure she could not have done it without your support (stars!) 😉

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