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i say happy birthday to you today. i have wished you on facebook. and sent you 21 smses. the flowers should be on their way. with the wine. and the Terry Pratchett you were looking for.

you know what. i don’t mean any of it. Especially the happy in the birthday.

blogger show thyself


*been dying to key this in*

there lives another momma blogger in our apartment.

and she reads my blog. comments here on this space. it;s been six months now, i think. but untill a couple of days ago — she didnt match my real-life persona to my wordpress self…

me and her have met just a few times — hellos in the lift, a little chatter about restaurants, she’s seen firstborn and baby param; and i think her son is ultra cute.

but me, i matched her online and offline self because of my keenness, MBA leanings and razor sharp brain (heh. heh. not quite. her blog has her photo.)

i spilt the beans, when she called about a playdate.

but i am thrilled that my theory IS proved. QED. you are as anonymous as you want to be…in the blogging world. (MFT — i told you so; and starry what were you worrying about?)

where was i


baby param is ill. i am trying to persuade him to sleep. he’s too nose-blocked, too ventolin-y, too antibioticked, way too angrytiredsleepy.

Me: “firstborn, for heaven’s sake. please play quietly in the hall.”

firstborn trots off.

some quiet.
at last.
baby param is responding to the silence. i pat him. his lower eyelashes are an eyelash away from the upper eyelashes.

sleep. yes. rapid eye movement. yes.

“MA! AM I PLAYING QUIETLY ENOUGH, NOW?: firstborn booms from the hall.

where was i?

and there is a winner…


actually firstborn decided the hole count so he is the judge of that.

and my friend kamini, who authored AR Rahman’s bio, was the judge of the contest. she was a natural choice because she is COMPLETELY batty.

so the two judges have decided:
hole count = 17

and winner is the mindfull meanderer = shruti

kamini says she loved art’s caption (artnavy too got the answer right at 17) and almost declared her the winner — but shruti’s thoroughness/innovation in terms of counting made kamini decide in shruti’s favour.
spl congrats to shipa’s keen eyesight for also spotting 17 holes.

kamini says her fav. caption of the lot was the one by t.p.l.’s

do feel free to let everyone know who you thought was the WITTIEST, in your opinion..

I loved abha’s:-)
shruti do mail me your address and contact details — your autographed copy will reach you ASAP
thanks all for participating. it was so MUCH fun.
thanks to all the lurkers, first-time commenters, and non-bloggers for also participating 🙂