firstborn and baby param lost their oldest best friend.
i lost her.

(i think i’ll go off the radar for a bit. thanks everyone of you for all for your wishes on the blog anniv. and ye two lurkers for coming out of the woodwork)


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  1. Oh no. My sympathies and best wishes to you and your family. How sad 😦

    Dunno what else to say – do take care. Did you meet her when you visited India?

  2. hey MiM,
    Delurking for the first time.
    Sorry about your loss.
    will miss you,but take your time and come back when you are ready

  3. Hello,

    I am a lurker (a harmless one though). I dont comment as I cannot match neither the posts nor the comments. Your posts bring a smile to my day.
    I am sorry for your loss. Words may not bring comfort but hopefully time will.
    take care


  4. MiM,

    I lost my oldest friend 5 weeks back! I’m not yet over it – neither is her daughter ( my mother). Hugs to you and the babies.
    May god give you strength to overcome this loss. May her soul rest in peace.

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