grandmothers are for loving


thank you everyone of you for your prayers and messages.

i miss her.

this is the last photo i took of her, when i was in India.
baby param brought a TV antennae from some inner belly of our home. he was waving it all around. patti is bringing the situation under control…



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  1. Sometimes, even happy memories can make us sad. That pic reminded me of my own grandmother. Miss her. Know what you must be going through.

    Take care.

  2. Neelum: Your nani must have been wonderful…thanks for sharing.

    Shilpadesh: granddaughters have this extra something going with their grandmas. no?

    dipster: *great big hug*

    starry: someone told me that i must try and “make into mine” her qualities that i miss most… that way i will never lose her. is that right?

    Sands: And i just read that you lost someone you adored too. take care.

    AJ: 🙂

    sukanya: thank you for writing in.

    CA: i am glad too…

    MGM: thank you my friend

    VJ: thank you, my friend

    Bindu: it’s like D said: even happy memories make me sad

    D: “even happy memories make us sad.” i know

  3. MiM,

    We should only look back now at the good times spent with our loved ones. Those moments alone give us strength to get through these tough times. Glad she could meet baby param. Their presence in our lives can never be replaced but I believe long after they are gone they stay with us through their memories and our thoughts.

  4. 😦 She looks just like how a granny must look like. Miss my very own even today, 5 years after her passing away. My biggest regret is that she didn’t get to meet my kids, didn’t get to hold them and bless them.

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