memories of the jumbo-jet(1)


(Jumbo jet was a nickname my late grandma gave herself. She was persuaded that her name rhymed with Jumbojet (it didn’t))

I wanted to call her “Allo”; because she always said “allo” (a la french) over the phone, instead of hello.

Allo wanted to be in a celebration. even if it meant being the only 84 year old in a crowd that was less than half her age.

Fun, for her, was everywhere — in making crunchies for nri grandchildren, or watching a cookery show in Hindi (without understanding most of what was said); or finding mirth at her son’s imitation of his art teacher for what must surely be the 234th time.

and yet. her life had more tragedy than it is fair for anyone person to be saddled with, said one friend of mine, when she heard Allo had passed on.


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  1. Some people do have more difficulties and tragedies than seems fair by any standards. I just heard bad news about a fave uncle n aunt, who’ve had a tough life and rejection by their family…and I don’t understand sometimes why bad things KEEP ON happening to good peopl.

  2. You know, that generation somehow seems to have had a lot more resilience to them that our parents’ generation – yes, a gross stereotype, but based on my sample size (my extended family), that’s the conclusion I came up with – so many women of that time had so much trouble in their lives, and still retained the ability to find joy in so much around them!

    So glad you have good memories of her….


  3. starry: me neither. *sigh*


    M: i completely agree with your generalisation.

    AJ: i know. almost childlike.

    dipster*even bigger hug than last time*

    sur: what a lovely thing to say, sur. only you could.

    Poppy: and yet a full life…as you say

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