jumbojet trivia



~ she wore nine-yard saree everyday of her life from the time she was 18 all the way up until 81. (she was forced to switch to the sari for practical reasons — and she hated it)

~ she had all the phonenumbers we ever needed. if she met you, she would make you write down your ph. number in her tiny palm-sized notebook, in your hand. you could have a page to yourself. she would recognise your name by your handwriting, later.

~ she ironed her saris by sitting on them, or putting them under her bed

she was diabetic, hypertensive, had three heart- attacks, and took insulin shots everyday (15ml). and still helped herself to the sugar bowl

~ she travelled to the United States, 20 years ago. Alone. On the flight. Knowing only Tamil. Took everything in her stride. and went on a tour of Singapore, during the stopover as well:-).

~ She taught one of her grand-daughters to make microwave idlis 15 years ago, only one day after encountering the microwave. she could have patented her idea

~ she called my firstborn “pattanna”. I thought she would call baby param something else: but he too was “pattanna”. viz. all cherished kids = one blanket nickname.

~ she had a mental database of people whose status updates she’d want to be in the know about… and so she often clicked on refresh, whenever she found a source.

~ whenever she cried, she ran to the bathroom and drowned her sobs by turning on the taps on high.

~ she said she would eat any food: “so long as it didnt have eyes, hands or feet”

~ i taught her the English alphabet (small letters) when I was 12. She told my dad that she felt like she was going to be able to read the newspaper, real soon.

~ “He took all my teeth. Why do we have to pay him?” she asked my dad, after her visit to the dentist.

~ she would never mention the “good old days”. She only looked ahead.


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  1. You are doing such a nice thing by writing all this about the great lady…..it’s a beautiful way to pay your tribute to her…it also shows what a huge fan she has in you !! Keep it up….

  2. That part abt her crying with the taps on…broke my heart. Then I lol-ed at the dentist protest. Then I applauded her looking ahead instead of back. What a lady. Her legacy carries on in you, mim.

  3. Shilpa: grandaughters have something going with their grandmothers that grandsons dont. why, i wonder.

    Neelum: I didnt realise i was a fan. i do now. after you mentioned it…

    starry: nope. i dont have her spirit or spark. but i do have her memories

    dipster: that she was.


    M: no. not too late to cry. a grandma-shaped hole can never be filled…

    socio: πŸ™‚

    ajcl: that made her so different from so many people of her generation… she would never re-play an old record

    R’s mum: I didnt realise this post was so moving.

    It was more, me thinking aloud… really

    chox: and she loved bangalore. she could speak great kannada… i think that’s why she liked the name “Pattanna”

    Sue: when i do, i cant seem to accept she’s gone. when i write she’s so ALIVE, sue…

    Era: *hugs* and thank you for that comment…

  4. < and she loved bangalore. she could speak great kannada..

    thats my nani again. am willing to share her with you though i know it'd be nothing like your own.

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