gargle, gargle…


and my firstborn. i am teaching him to gargle. so he can gargle away his sore throat. i ask him to pretend he is grandpa.

and he says he cannot.
“because I don’t know how to remove my teeth and keep it outside, like grandpa did”

sometimes i want to gargle inside my head all day.


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  1. he has already given me the hole-count. i have stored the number safely in an envelope. and put it in a safe. in our swiss bank. or wait a minute. did i put it in gringotts?

  2. ha ha ha….
    oh well hope he gets well soon…
    I taught my son to make those sounds…and in the process of making those sounds he learnt to gargle….it goes “gud-gud-gud….waaaaakkkkk….thoooooooo”
    try it and let me know the hilarious outcome….but it works….I swear it does…

  3. You are teaching him to gargle? I can’t gargle properly!.
    He’s right, no one with teeth can gargle, they obstruct the flow and one ends up drinking the water.
    Please to leave the gargling alone and give him omam+ chukku podi with honey pls.

  4. richa: 🙂

    sakhi/preeti: grrrrrrrrrrrr

    neelum: this IS fun “gud-gud-gud….waaaaakkkkk….thoooooooo; once more “gud-gud-gud….waaaaakkkkk….thoooooooo”
    last time: “gud-gud-gud….waaaaakkkkk….thoooooooo”
    even baby param will learn then

    meira: something stronger


    in love: injesting he wont do. gargling means spitting out and standing in the bathroom for extended durations of time. he will do.
    how is V… long time no post?

    chox: horror+ wonder + deep appreciation = my fb’s feelings when he saw gramps

    sands: 🙂 congrats on winning emila’s calendar. pls enter my contest too. are you a barani natchathiram types or what?

  5. good one FB.

    and if you overhear the gargling in your mum’s head let me know how you ranked the sound- all hollow and light? or clouded with debris and heavy and hard?

  6. i remember when Cub saw me gargle the first time. should i say heard! he went crazy! he kept standing next to basin and going Thoo in tandem with me! this was followed by crazy laughter ofcos. his fathers and his! 🙂

    and now when M keeps trying to teach him to spit while brushing he just says Thoo after gulping everything in! 😉


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