and there is a winner…


actually firstborn decided the hole count so he is the judge of that.

and my friend kamini, who authored AR Rahman’s bio, was the judge of the contest. she was a natural choice because she is COMPLETELY batty.

so the two judges have decided:
hole count = 17

and winner is the mindfull meanderer = shruti

kamini says she loved art’s caption (artnavy too got the answer right at 17) and almost declared her the winner — but shruti’s thoroughness/innovation in terms of counting made kamini decide in shruti’s favour.
spl congrats to shipa’s keen eyesight for also spotting 17 holes.

kamini says her fav. caption of the lot was the one by t.p.l.’s

do feel free to let everyone know who you thought was the WITTIEST, in your opinion..

I loved abha’s:-)
shruti do mail me your address and contact details — your autographed copy will reach you ASAP
thanks all for participating. it was so MUCH fun.
thanks to all the lurkers, first-time commenters, and non-bloggers for also participating πŸ™‚


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  1. yay!!! i won!!! I WONNNNNNNNN!!!
    Wow! My first actual award!! does a super jig!!!
    Thanks MiM, FB & kamini.. I would also like to thank MMMiM.. without his cooperation this contest would be void!! n i’d like to thank my daughter lil P whos antics I had to pen down & of course hubby dearest for watching back to back cricket matches.. that gave me no other option but to escape to blogworld!! … n thank you one n all .. MiM I’m mailing u the addr rt away!! πŸ™‚

  2. Shruti- congrats, it was a very detailed approach indeed..

    MIM- I loved Nino’s mum’s caption and yes it was a whole lot of fun.. this contest.. very very MIM and very very innovative.. thanks so much..

  3. I’d like to thank Dan Brown, Tom Hanks, my agent, my family.. oh wait! I didnt win?!?!

    Congrats Shruti. I shall now wait for a book review from you.

    My fave entry was MFT’s “In’vest’ in Hole-some comfort”.

  4. Congrats, Shruti! And congrats, MiM, for a fantastic contest πŸ™‚

    Boo, I even put up a notice at Twitter. Didn’t you see it? Knowing the fantastic lines you’re capable of coming up with, I’m sure MiM will relent and give you a chance *loud hint to MiM*

  5. Congrata Shruti !
    I knew you would win … what with such detailed approach … you HAD to be picked. I appreciated your efforts in my earlier comment as well.

    MIM … request some more contests pls ….

  6. Thank ye all!!! I loved MFT’s & TPL’s captions!! Actually I liked all of them!! what a lovely contest. Only after i won, I went n checked out what the prize was!!!! I LOVEEEEEEEEEE AR RAHMAN!!! n Thank you kamini & MiM for this lovely gesture.

  7. Congrats Shruti!
    And MinM, I came here with my best Nemo face (as Nino calls my sulking pout) but then Poppins made my day πŸ™‚
    I want something sweet to make me feel better!

  8. Congrats to Shruti!

    My favourite captions were by AverageJane & myfloatingthoughts.

    This was much fun. Now MiM, since you’ve subtly mentioned “first” contest, I hope there are more to follow πŸ˜›

  9. I did not go past the photo of the holey object.

    It brought back memories of very violent acts of mine targeted at many such holey objects in the cupboard of the one i live with. Very very violent acts that include sharp scissors.

    If only a contest had been my catharsis. And not shreds that I held up in manic glee.

    But then MiM is the therapist. And I, the one in need of therapy.

    Congrats to all you witty souls. May you never need a catharsis like mine.

  10. Congrats Shruti! Your thesis was really awesome!

    Thanks to all the commenters who’ve appreciated my caption. *MFT takes a bow*

    All the captions were great. My fave was AJ’s.

    MiM, please to come up with many more such contests!

  11. shruti: LOL! i love your enthu. and kamini might be there in blore this weekend. so. the book’s around the corner.

    ajcl: yep. nino’s mum caption was very ooooooooooh

    TPL: all that wit and sadly so weak in counting. tch. tch.

    Boo/inbavalli: boo’s is a case of latestaa vandathinaley late aayirichu. *with apologies to thalaivar*

    @inba: thanks for tweeting:-)

    chox: more = curd in tamil. arbit? padinarbit?

    AJ: yours was totally fun caption. loved it.

    CA: yet another curd-based contest request… (you do know more = yoghurt right?) heh. heh.

    STARRY: i cant see your blog without a bug shutting down my comp. WTH? How do i comment?

    ART: congratulations too art! you missed by a whisker or less

    Poppy: πŸ™‚

    Nino’s Mum: payasam it is for us both then — lots of saffron, sugared perfectly, milkmaidy thick — served hot.

    sur: how ARE we get along offline at this rate? what DO we have in common?

    mft: 55er lady:-) thanks

  12. I didn’t do anything! I swear! I’m jus’ dying for you to visit my blog….I moved to WP only for you dahling! Now give yer comp a severe lecture from me…I have no clue how to fix this weird bug!

    P.S. Ya think some Ventolin would help that bug?
    P.P.S. You can jus’ email me:) And I’ll put up your comments…they’re fab!

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