where was i


baby param is ill. i am trying to persuade him to sleep. he’s too nose-blocked, too ventolin-y, too antibioticked, way too angrytiredsleepy.

Me: “firstborn, for heaven’s sake. please play quietly in the hall.”

firstborn trots off.

some quiet.
at last.
baby param is responding to the silence. i pat him. his lower eyelashes are an eyelash away from the upper eyelashes.

sleep. yes. rapid eye movement. yes.

“MA! AM I PLAYING QUIETLY ENOUGH, NOW?: firstborn booms from the hall.

where was i?


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  1. Oh boy !!! You are having a tough time. Hey for Baby Param, rub some vicks on his feet (sole) and cover with socks. Do this when he’s laying down or sleeping. Strictly no vicks on nose, chest, back.
    PS: check ur mail

  2. Bluemist: aaaaaaaaargh! why dont i drown myself in ventolin?

    starry: ventolin is awful. i just checked. really blech.

    neelum: done just now. thanks.

    shruti: she still hates medicines, right? take care.

    nino’smum: what is nino telling you in that pic? i’ve been wanting to know. but didnt know where to ask.

    ajcl: honey you may duck. but i never miss.

    R: firstborn needs to have common sense dinned into him with seven extra large hammers

    art: doesnt it feel like youve ALWAYS been having 2 kids around?

    chox: yay! you are sighted amidst break. i like.

    JLT: recovery is s.l.o.w. but thanks …

    sue: er. cld you say that in english once again.

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