clowning around…


continuing on starry’s list:

always wanted to take decent photos. (even X-rays look better than some of my pix.)

last weekend, we took the plunge. and bought the SLR.


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  1. I felt an overpowering urge to hold him firmly in my lap and briskly wipe away the uneven powder splotch just below his chin with a wetcloth. If good photography is in the details, you, MinM, have gotten there.

  2. shruti: you should get one. it’s fantastic

    bluemist: the absolute bachcha = nikon d 3000.

    tpl: will hold that thought

    preeti: the MMMiM.
    nope. just kidding. some clown who really took saying cheese seriously.

    nino’s mum: you and the devil are always firmly lurking in the details aren’t ya?

    sakhi: of course i dont. nikon d3000

    starry: yep! you fixed the bug. i can open your site!

  3. Have a blast with the slr baby. And if this photo are your first baby steps, then madam, you are quite the shutter happpy genius.

    Poppy, why on earth would you hold back, photography is fun only if you can fiddle with the exposure -and an slr allows you to do that on manual mode. Indulge your husband, get him the slr!

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